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  • ARBO Wooden Wave Tooling Sticks



    The ARBO Wooden Wave Tooling Sticks are great for neat, smooth finishes on any sealant application. The curved handles fit perfectly in your hand and the set includes 4 different sizes to ensure you have one for every job.

    The set includes 4 sizes measuring from 5-55mm
    Smooth curved handles for an easy job
    Suitable for all sealants, mastics and silicones
    Can be adjusted to fit any joint by cutting/shaping the tip yourself.


    For more information on ARBO, please visit their website here.

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  • Arbo ARBOKOL 1025 SP



    Arbo Arbokol 1025 SP is a unique two-part Epoxy sealant that cures to form a hard-wearing seal, designed to accommodate small amounts of movement in extension but considerable movement in compression.


    • Swimming Pools
    • Compression Joints
    • Tile to Tile joints
    • Chlorine Resistant
    • Long Term Water Immersion Joints
    • Shower Rooms

    Not recommended

    • Structural Joints


    For more information on Arbo, please visit their website here.

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