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Building Sealants

  • all-weather-box-of-12

    Bond-It Rain Mate All Weather Sealant – Box of 12


    Bond-It Rain Mate All Weather Sealant is a superior and highly flexible, water repellent, general purpose sealant that has excellent adhesion to all surfaces, even when damp.


    It suitable for use on brick, concrete, stone, all metals, painted or bare wood, glass, vinyl and most plastics. Also, it is compatible with bitumen and asphalt for roof repairs in damp conditions. Finally, it is ideal for sealing doors, windows, roofs, cladding and vehicle bodies.


    Primers are not usually required. For application in damper conditions, disburse any standing water and residual dirt from the substrate.  Dry the surface as well as possible with either a cloth or paper towel prior to applying sealant. All RAIN-MATE colours will adhere to bitumen and asphalt but we only recommend black for this purpose as unsightly discolouration can occur with white and clear.


    Not for use on polystyrene, polycarbonate, plastic roof lights or other surfaces sensitive to solvents. Do not apply at over 60o C or on surfaces which exceed 80o C in use.

    Health & Safety

    Please refer to the safety data sheet for full handling, use and storage instructions. Keep out of reach of children.

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    For any futher information you may need on Bond-it, please visit their website here.

  • CM-200-PF

    CM 200 PF Fast Cure


    CM200 PF Fast Cure is a two-part sealant that is used for several sealing areas. Most commonly used for sealing expansion joints, due to the advantages of the CM 200 PF is can be used for sealing expansion joints in concrete paved areas, docks, container depots, industrial factories, warehousing petrol forecourts. CM200 PF can be cold applied, so ideal for small works, such as remedial re-sealing of joints.


    • High-performance good movement accommodation, tolerant of severe climatic conditions.
    • Chemical Resistant to spillages of fuels, hydraulic fluids, synthetic and mineral oils, and dilute acids and alkalis.
    • Hand pour or machine/sealant gun application to joint.
    • Non-Toxic Sealant.
    • ISO 9002 Quality Assured Firm -BS5212. 1990 Type N – ISO 11600-F-25LM
    • High Adherence
    • Cure Time 20 to 30 mins.

    Cure Time

    The life of the tin is 20 to 30 minutes at 25C, this is affected, but the outside temperature and the sealant temperature. Final cure, when full working properties are developed, occurs within two days at 25C, although the sealant will normally bear traffic within 2 hours of application. Higher temperature will result in a faster cure time; low temperatures will result in longer cure time. Do not apply at temperatures below 4C.


    Ensure that the joint is clean, free from dust and dirt. The joint should also be dry; any contaminant should be removed, the previous sealant, if re-sealing is taking place, must all be removed. If you are backing the joint with backer foam strip, ensure the backer strip is bonded to the base of the joint and proceed to apply. Priming of the surface should be done once the joint is cleaned, the joint faces should be primed with the appropriate primer. CM Primer C is recommended.

    CM 200 PF Mixing and Application

    Open Pack B and empty the contents into Pack A – Stir for five minutes, preferably using a slow speed electric drill with a mixer paddle, the mix is one. Take care to avoid including excess air. Pour or gun apply immediately into the primed joint. Current practice requires that the sealant shall be poured to a level between 3mm (Summer) and 6mm (Winter) below the wearing concrete surface.

  • bath-&-kitchen

    CM Bath & Kitchen HM



    CM Bath & Kitchen is a high modulus silicone sealant that cures rapidly once exposed to natural humidity. Once cured, CM Bath & Kitchens forms to create a permanently flexible, durable weathertight sealant. Along with the flexibility, CM Bath & Kitchen operates within a large temperature range with excellent weathering. CM Bath & Kitchen is a premium silicone sealant product,  used for exceptional finishes.

    CM Bath & Kitchen meets the standards to BS5889 (1989) Type B and US Fed Spec TTS 001543A (Class A) and TTS 00230C (Class A) and ISO 11600 F&G -25HM 846 food safe.


    The uses of CM Bath & Kitchen are but not restricted to the below:

    • Joints in baths and showers
    • General kitchen areas
    • Food prep areas
    • Laboratories
    • High hygiene areas
    • Construction Joints
    • Swimming pools
    • Glass, ceramic or painted surfaces


    Before the application is made, the required area must be cleaned, ensuring it is dust free, contaminate free, and no loose objects are present. If you are to prime before use, standard primer is advised. If you are re-sealing joints, it is advised that every bit of old sealant is removed to ensure that the joint is contaminant free.

    To apply, cut off the top of the cartridge, ensuring it is above the nozzle thread, proceed to screw the nozzle and snipping the top of the nozzle to required joint size at a 45-degree angle. Apply the sealant by gun – place the nozzle angle flush to the joint and extrude a continuous bead. For a neat finish, use a sealant applicator tool kit.

  • cm-primer-c

    CM Primer C – 1L


    CM Primer C is a single component, solvent-borne, polyurethane priming coat to be used with CM200 PF.

    Typical Uses

    CM Primer C is suitable for priming dry, porous surfaces which form the bonding face of an expansion or construction joint.

    • To be used on concrete,
    • To be used on cementitious or epoxy mortars,
    • To be used on timber
    • To be used on porous stone surfaces.

    Do not use on glazed, metallic or sealed surfaces (e.g. G.R.P. polished stone, painted surfaces etc.)


    Once the joint is clean, the joint faces should be primed with CM Primer C using a small paintbrush, ensure that the faces are completely covered. After priming, allow half an hour for the solvent to evaporate. If the application of the sealant is delayed for more than 2 hours after priming, joints should be reprimed.


    • Primer C contains a moisture curing urethane and a hydrocarbon solvent.
    • Harmful – wear PPE when handling, follow safety precautions if inhalation or swallowing.
    • PPE suggestion – suitable gloves and eye/face protection.
    • Do not breathe fumes.
    • Keep away from sources of ignition.
  • CM-SFS-Stain-Free

    CM SFS Stain Free Silicone


    CM SFS Stain Free Silicone is a moisture-cured one-component neutral silicone sealant used mainly for building and glazing joints. With it moisture cure allowing it to cure at room temperature, producing a flexible seal. CM SFS Stain Free Silicone adheres to most common building surfaces without the need for primer. Fully cured movement capability of -/+50%.

    Typical Uses

    CM SFS is designed for jointing or bonding in building and glazing applications such as:

    • Precast panels and curtain wall expansion joints.
    • Windows or doors perimeter joints
    • Aluminium, wood, UPVC glazing joints.
    • Roofs and chimney joints.
    • Venting or gutter joints
    • Bonding mirrors
    • Kingspan panels

    Limits of Use

    • CM SFS is not recommended for use on materials where migration of constituents can take place, e.g. certain rubbers.
    • Not be used for jointing aquariums or swimming pools. Not ideal for permanent immersion.
    • CM SFS, once cured, should not be painted (poor coverage and adhesion of paint).
    • CM SFS is not recommended where abrasion or physical abuse will be encountered.
    • CM SFS must not be used for food contact.
    • When in contact with alkyd paints a slight yellowing can appear on the surroundings of the joint.


    Please see the attached datasheet for more information on CM SFS Stain Free Silicone.

  • CM Stonesil


    CM Stonesil is an elastic single-component silicone sealant for indoor and outdoor use, with up to 50% movement tolerance.

    Uses and Application Areas

    • Low modulus non-staining sealant with anti-fungal properties.
    • Fast cure rate.
    • Outstanding UV, weather, and ageing resistance.
    • Adhesion to numerous substrates, such as granite, composite stones, ceramic tiles, brickwork, metals, plastics also compatible with copper.
    • Low modulus (conforms to ISO 11600 F&G 25 LM).
    • Movement capability up to 50% (ASTM C920 class 50).
    • Non-staining (ISO 16938-1, ASTM C 1248).
    • Sealing joints in premier bathrooms & kitchens.
    • Glass to glass joints.
    • Sealing glass to metal.
    • Expansion joints in brickwork/stonework.
    • Marine applications.

    Joint dimensions

    The minimum joint size suggested is 5mm x 5mm for internal use and external use 10mm x 8 mm (width x depth). Maximum recommend width of the joint is 30mm x 30mm, but the joint depth should be roughly half the joint width for the ideal seal.


    After applying the sealant, it can be smoothed in the joint with water or with a neutral, non-staining water-based smoothing agent and a suitable tool (e.g., Bond-It Applicator Kit). Smoothing the sealant isn’t just recommended for aesthetic reasons, but it will assist in the bonding of the sealant to the substrate.

  • ct1-sealant

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive

    £12.95 £10.99

    CT1 Sealant and Adhesive

    The One-Stop Product for all Sealing and Bonding

    CT1 is a construction adhesive that will never shrink or crack, and it can be structured and painted with any type of paint. When applying conventional sealants, the surfaces have to be dry. As a sealant, CT1 can be applied onto wet surfaces, even underwater.

    It is also the perfect product to seal baths and showers, windows, doors, roofs, gutters, virtually anything. Available in a range of colours, simply select from the drop-down menu: Clear, Black, Brown, Grey, White, Silver, Oak and Beige. For a wide range of internal sealant colours please refer to Mapesil AC.

    In other words, it is the only product on the market that is 100% ecologically compliant. As an adhesive, CT1 will create a formidable bond between virtually any materials also acting as a construction adhesive that will successfully bond all building materials. For instance, metals, glass, mirror, fibreglass, plastics, and stone, concrete, the list is endless.

    Above all, the adhesive to use for a multitude of applications is CT1, creating a permanent bond that will resist extreme loads, pressure and tensile strain.

    Will successfully bond

    • Polystyrene
    • Metals (including lead)
    • Glass – Special mirror adhesive can be found here.
    • Mirrors
    • All Woods
    • Plastics (excluding Polypropylene)
    • Fibreglass
    • Tiles
    • Concrete
    • Most Stones (without staining)
    • Most Synthetic Materials

    Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. Therefore, CT1 is the ultimate solution for interior and exterior bonding and sealing.

    • Excellent resistance to chemicals
    • UV resistant
    • Perfect for marine and boating maintenance, accident and emergency repairs
    • Odourless
    • Does not shrink
    • Can be painted
    • Contains no solvents
    • No isocyanates
    • Unique flexibility
    • 8 colours to choose from Black, Brown, Grey, White, Oak, Clear, Beige and Silver. For further information on this product, please visit the CT1 website here.
  • 791-silicone-box

    Dow Corning 791 – Box of 12 – Weatherproof Low Mod Silicone


    Box of 12

    Dow Corning 791 or DC 791 is a low modulus, neutral cure, alkoxy, odourless silicone sealant. It is specifically designed for the weather sealing of building components where high movement is anticipated. DC 791 adheres to a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces without the need for priming.


    – Perimeter pointing internally and externally around uPVC /wood and aluminium.
    – Sealing and as an adhesive onto uPVC, plastic trims and components.
    – Can be used for sealing soft metals. For instance, lead, copper and zinc.
    – For weather sealing and joint sealing on pre-formed panels, Can also be used on curtain walls and glazing sealing.
    – Glass to glass sealing and glass to aluminium sealing. Parapet and roof weather sealing applications.
    – Suitable as an expansion joint sealant.
    – Bedding and sealing of Insulated Glass units.


    – Excellent tooling and slow skinning properties. Therefore, it is ideal for large scale construction and glazing applications.
    – Has excellent adhesion – adheres to most common surfaces. For instance, glass, metals, plastics and wood (painted or unpainted), uPVC and polycarbonate.
    – Excellent external weathering properties, therefore, can be guaranteed over many years worth of exposure.
    – High viscosity non-slump formula. In other words, it will hold it’s structure & body on even larger joints.
    – Resistant to fumed Hydrogen Peroxide and fumed Formaldehyde.



    Dow Corning 791 does not require a primer on most common surfaces, although adhesion tests are recommended before full-scale application. However, if the joint is likely to be immersed or if adhesion is poor (especially on porous surfaces) use a Dow Corning Primer.


    Ensure that the desired application area is dry and clean, containing no grease or other contaminants. For instance, remove dust with compressed air or de-grease by using a solvent soaked pad, following by wiping with a clean cloth.


    – Not to be used with bitumen asphalt, neoprene and certain organic elastomers, please refer to the datasheet.
    – Can not be used in the manufacture of Aquariums.
    – Non-overpaintable.
    – Not recommended for use as a mirror adhesive.
    – Do not use on food grade applications
    – Do not use for in and around swimming pools. DC 791 is not suitable for swimming pool areas.
    – Can yellow if exposed to bleach or HCl based brick cleaners while curing.

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  • 895-silicone-box

    Dow Corning 895 – Box of 12 – Structural Glazing Sealant


    Dow Corning 895 is a neutral curing silicone sealant designed for structural bonding of metal, glass and other building materials. DC 895 can also be used for adhesive applications. The neutral cure cures at room temperature, via exposure to water vapour.


    Ensure that all areas for application are thoroughly cleaned, removing all elements of dirt and oil/liquids. Ensure that all areas are cleaned with the correct cleaning equipment, i.e. metal, glass, or other surfaces should be cleaned with the recommended cleaning products.


    DC 895 is a structural glazing sealant and should be applied at the factory stage of manufacture, allowing the ideal time to seal for best performance. Site application should only be carried out for remedial work, or when the glazing design does not allow otherwise.

    Technical Specs

    – Up to 2000 hours of exposure to UV radiation in hot water immersion.
    – 5000 load cycles in tension.
    – Resistance to extreme temperatures, SO£ and salt spray and cleaning agent
    – 4000 hours exposure to ultraviolet radiation under-maintained extension at 12.5%.
    – This adhesive meets the newly developed European Standard for structural glazing application the EOTA guidelines for SSGS.

    For more details, please view the Dow Corning 895 technical datasheet attached.

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    For any further information, you may need, please visit the Geocel website here.

    Alternative products please see below, options like CT1 are available.

  • EB25-Everbuild

    EB25 Ultimate Sealant & Construction Adhesive – Box of 12


    EB25 has been launched in 2019 to celebrate their 25 years of Everbuild.

    EB25 is the Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive, covering the broadest range of application, sealant and adhesive areas. It is a polymer blend sealant giving it additional flexibility and bonding strength you can rely on in any situation. The makeup of this product allows the sealant to be used both internally and externally, in most weather conditions and can be used underwater. Everbuild have had EB25 certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals and more

    Colours – Black, White and Grey. Also, Crystal Clear that remains crystal clear and does no fog like similar products.

    Substrates that EB25 bonds to:

    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Stone
    • Ceramic
    • Tile
    • Plastic
    • Glass


    Everbuild brings you their best ever sealant and adhesive – EB25, to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Using the most cutting-edge technology and an exclusive polymer blend, our R&D team has developed a truly universal, top quality hybrid. Therefore, it is incredibly flexible, certified for indoor and outdoor use, and in sanitary and food preparation areas (ISEGA). Plus, it’s powerful, sticks to just about anything and even works when applied underwater! Once cured, it’s resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals, petrol, UV radiation, plus it does all this while being environmentally friendly.


    Bonding & sealing in almost every application imaginable. The following are just some examples: As a high-quality nail replacement adhesive, even to damp surfaces.

    – External and internal pointing around doors and windows.
    – Bonding mirrors to most common substrates.
    – Sealing vertical expansion joints.
    – Jointing cladding panels.


    All surfaces must be clean and dust-free. Surfaces may be damp but have no standing water. Therefore, it can be used underwater, but adhesion performance is reduced so should be applied as an emergency repair in these conditions only.

    For all other Everbuild products on our website, please click here. For general sealing, please see our DIY section and select the area you require.

    For any further information you require on Everbuild products, please visit their website here.

    This product is Everbuild’s equivalent of the CT1 range and can be used like for like.


  • everbuild-200

    Everbuild 200 Contractors Silicone


    Everbuild 200 Contractors Silicone is a cost-effective Acetoxy cure sealant that adheres to most smooth materials. This product contains an anti-fungal compound to protect the sealant against the growth of bacteria and black mould that are commonly found in areas of high humidity. Everbuild 200 Contractors Silicone is mid to low mod.


    – Sealing aluminium and metal.
    – Sealing around baths, showers & basins.
    – As an adhesive for fixing PVCu trims.
    – Sealing around worktops and laminates.
    – Pointing and door frames.
    – For aluminium gutter sealing.
    – General draught proofing.


    – Permanently flexible
    – Anti-fungal formula
    – Quick curing – low dirt pick up
    – Low viscosity for fast application



    If necessary, reduce joint depth using Fix and Fill Foam, or Joint backer rod. Furthermore, ensure the joint design only permits adhesion to two different substrates.


    We have a number of tools on our website that would assist with the application of this product. We would recommend using a PC Cox Skeleton Gun to apply & a Bond-it Tooling Kit to aid in providing a professional finish.

    Cut the tip of the cartridge using a sharp blade, taking care not to damage the thread. Attach nozzle and cut cleanly at a 45° angle, with an opening slightly larger than the gap to be sealed. Apply using a standard sealant gun.


    – Uncured sealant – white spirit
    – Cured sealant – Everflex Silicone Eater


    – Not for use in aquarium manufacture. Use Aquamate Sealant.
    – Not for use in conjunction with bitumen or asphalt. Use Weather Mate
    – Not for use on highly porous surfaces such as new concrete or stonework.
    – Not for use on surfaces that could bleed oils, solvent or plasticisers.
    – Do not use in conjunction with the edge sealant of double glazed units. Use Silicone 450.

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    For any further information on any Everbuild products, please visit their website here.

  • everbuild-225

    Everbuild 225 Industrial and Glazing Silicone


    Everbuild 225 Industrial & Glazing Silicone is an acetoxy-cure mid-mod silicone sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous substrates. Everbuild 225 Industrial & Glazing Silicone cures quickly to provide a flexible waterproof seal. It is typically used for single-glazing and general industrial use.


    – Sealing glass to glass.
    – Sealing glass to aluminium.
    – Butt and channel glazing.
    – As an adhesive for fixing uPVC trims and cladding.
    – Sealing around worktops and laminated panels.
    – Cap glazing to metal, timber and uPVC window frames.
    – For aluminium gutter sealing.
    – Industrial uses, such as gasket sealing.
    – Refrigeration sealing.


    – Permanently flexible.
    – Quick curing – low dirt pick up.
    – Temperature resistant to 200°C.
    – Waterproof seal



    All surfaces must be dry and dust free. All loose surface coatings and old sealant and mastic joints, should be removed. Glass, metal and aluminium should be cleaned with a cleaner.


    Reference must be made to the recommended joint ratios. Reduce joint depth using Expanding Foam or Joint Backer Rod. Furthermore, ensure that the joint design permits adhesion to two surfaces. Cut the tip of the cartridge with a sharp blade, taking care not to damage the thread. Apply nozzle and cut at an angle, with an opening slightly larger than the gap to be sealed. Apply using a  sealant gun. Best results will be obtained by keeping an even pressure on the gun trigger and keeping the gun at an angle. Smooth down within 10 minutes. To ensure a proper bond, always smooth the sealant down using a spatula with a soap and water solution.


    Uncured sealant: white spirit. Cured sealant: EVERFLEX® SILICONE EATER.


    – Not for use in conjunction with bitumen or asphalt. Use WEATHERMATE.
    – Not for use on porous surfaces such as new concrete.
    – Not for use on areas that bleed oils or solvents.
    – Do not use on the edge of double glazed units. Use SILICONE 450.
    – Do not use for perimeter pointing of uPVC. Use SILICONE HM60 or SILICONE 450.
    – Do not use for aquariums. Use AQUAMATE.
    – Non-overpaintable.

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    For any further information, you may need, please visit Everbuild’s website here.