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  • EB25 Ultimate Sealant & Construction Adhesive – Box of 12


    Everbuild launched EB25 Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive in 2019 to celebrate their 25th year supplying cost-effective and reliable sealants.

    Covering a huge range of applications, sealant and adhesive areas, this versatile product is a suitable option for a variety of projects. It is a polymer blend sealant giving it additional flexibility and bonding strength you can rely on in any circumstance. Due to the technologies within the product, it can be used for both internal and external projects and is also durable in different weather and under-water environments.

    EB25is also certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals and more

    We provide EB25 by Everbuild in the full colour range, which includes: Black, White and Grey. Also, Crystal Clear that remains crystal clear and does not fog like similar products.

    Substrates that EB25 bonds to include:

    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Stone
    • Ceramic
    • Tile
    • Plastic
    • Glass


    Bonding & sealing in almost every application imaginable, including, but not limited to:

    • External and internal pointing around doors and windows.
    • Bonding mirrors to most common substrates.
    • Sealing vertical expansion joints.
    • Jointing cladding panels.


    All surfaces must be clean and dust-free. Surfaces may be damp but have no standing water. Therefore, it can be used underwater, but adhesion performance is reduced so should be applied as an emergency repair in these conditions only.

    For all other Everbuild products on our website, please click here. For general sealing, please see our DIY section and select the area you require.

    For any further information you require on Everbuild products, please visit their website here. This product is Everbuild’s equivalent of the CT1 range and can be used like for like.


  • Everbuild Puraflex 25 310ml

    £5.99 £4.19

    Everbuild Puraflex 25 is a one part Polyurethane Sealant is a premium quality one component low modulus sealant designed to replace conventional one part Polysulphide sealants in most applications.


    – Everbuild Puraflex 25 is used in most construction, expansion and dilation joints in brickwork, stone and concrete structures, vertical and horizontal.

    – Perimeter joints around window and door frames.

    – Capping to beaded glazing systems.

    – Pointing in roofline applications and to composite & metal panels.

    – Sealing and pointing pre-cast concrete panels.

    – Light traffic floor joints.


    – Excellent adhesion to most building Substrates.

    – Over paintable – preliminary test required before use.

    – Solvent-free and odourless.

    – Movement Factors Butt joints: 50% (not to
    exceed +/- 25% in any
    one direction)

    – Lap joints: 100% (not to
    exceed +/- 50% in any
    one direction)



    When using Puraflex 25 on new concrete, use Sika Primer – 3N.


    All surfaces must be dry and dust free. Any loose or flaking surface coating should be removed before application.


    – This product should not be used on surfaces that bleed oils or plasticisers.
    – Do not use against bitumen or asphalt – use WEATHERMATE.
    – Do not use in aquaria or as a mirror adhesive.

    Test compatibility with all substrates and paint systems before full-scale use. May increase the drying time
    of alkyd paints. Overpaint within 24 hours when using water-based paints.

    – Do not use on Polypropylene, Polyethylene or Teflon.

    As the quality of uPVC; ABS and most plastics vary dramatically, always carry out adhesion tests before full-scale use. Do not use in swimming pools or joints in constant water immersion.

    It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt, please contact the Technical Services Department.

    All information stated in this article is based on our laboratory tests. Actual measured data could possibly vary due to circumstances beyond our control.


    For all other Everbuild products on our website, please click here.

    Any further information you may need on Everbuilds products, please visit their website here.

  • Everbuild Puraflex 40 310ml


    Everbuild Puraflex 40 is a one-part component, high modulus PU sealant and adhesive which adheres firmly to most substrates. Provides excellent
    mechanical resistance &  resistance to most common chemicals. Furthermore, this product can be over-painted when cured.


    – Sealing and bonding metal panels and trim.
    – Expansion joint sealing in concrete panels and floor joint.
    – A wide number of sealing and bonding jobs in the construction and engineering markets.
    – Bonding in container fabrication.
    – Heavy traffic floor joints such as those found in warehouses, garage floors, factory floors, sports arenas & shopping centres etc.


    – Bonds to most building substraes, such as concrete, wood, metal, aluminium, polyester, glass, u PVC, stone, ceramics, etc
    – Can be overpainted with gloss and emulsion.
    – Good sea water resistance.
    – You can paint over this product, once cured, with oil and latex paints.



    Before application, please ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and dust free before using Everbuild Puraflex 40. All old sealant and mastic joints should be removed before application. In addition to that, when using on glass, metal and aluminium, areas should be cleaned using a solvent cleaner before application for optimum adhesion. When using Everbuild Puraflex 40 with solvents, always ensure adequate ventilation. Avoid heat, sparks and open flames. Observe and follow all precautions listed on the solvent container label. It is not recommended for application to surfaces that are below 5˚C as it is impossible to guarantee a dry, frost-free surface at these temperatures, therefore the sealant will most likely fail. It is unlikely that priming will be required, however, concrete must be sealed using a Primer. After that, if you are in doubt consult Technical Services.


    On porous substrates like concrete use Sika Primer – 3N.


    – Not for use on substrates that could bleed solvents or plasticises.
    – Do not use on bitumen or asphalt.
    – Paint types vary so conduct a trial prior to full application. Some paints have low movement and can show surface cracking.

    In addition to the above, if you require further information on this product, you can visit the Everbuild website here.

    This product is also available in a 600ml foil & can be viewed here.

  • Sika Sikaflex 221


    Sika Sikaflex 221 is a high-quality multi-purpose non-sag, polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity to form a durable elastomer.


    – 1-C formulation
    – Elastic
    – Low odour
    – Resistant to ageing
    – Non-corrosive
    – Can be painted
    – NSF-approved for incidental food contact.


    It is temporarily resistant to fuels, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats and oils. However, it is not immune to organic acids, alcohol, concentrated mineral acids and caustic solutions or solvents. Furthermore, any advice on specific applications will be given on request.


    Surface preparation

    Surfaces must be free from all traces of grease and dust.
    Above all, if you need any advice on specific applications, then contact the Technical Service Department of Sika Industry.


    The paint must be tested for compatibility by carrying out preliminary trials, and the best results are obtained if the sealant is allowed to cure thoroughly first, especially in the case of baked enamels. Therefore, please note that non-flexible paint systems may impair the elasticity of the adhesive, impair joint movement and lead to cracking of the paint film.

    PVC based paints and paints that dry by oxidation (oil or alkyd resin-based) are generally not suitable for application over Sikaflex -221.

    For all other Sika products on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you require on Sika products, please visit their website here.

  • Soudal Fix All High Tack Coloured 290ml


    Soudal Fix All High Tack


    Soudal Fix All High Tack is the perfect product if you are in search an EXTREMELY HIGH INITIAL TACK adhesive, as well as good sealing qualities, Soudal Fix All can be used in a wide range of job applications.

    Features & Benefits

    • Easy to apply in all conditions
    • Bonds even onto humid surfaces
    • UV stable
    • Does not smell
    • Solvent-free
    • Cures fast
    • No primer needed
    • Available in 6 colours: white, grey, beige, brown, black and aluminium-grey


    Fix ALL High tack is the ideal product for heavy-duty bonding applications such as:

    • Bonding of weighty materials
    • Repairing leaks (even underwater)

    Bonding of paintings and mirrors to walls


     Joint dimensions:

    – Minimal width: 2mm (bonding) 5mm (joints)
    – Maximal width: 10mm (bonding) 30mm (joints)
    – Minimum depth: 5mm (joints)



    – Method: Manual- or pneumatic caulking gun
    – Application temperature: +5°C until +35°C
    – Tooling: with a soapy solution before skin formation
    – Repair with: Fix All High Tack


    – Fix All High Tack may be painted, however, due to a large number of paints and varnishes available we strongly suggest a compatibility test before application. The drying time of alkyd resin based paints may increase.
    – Due to the wide variety of possible substrates, Soudal recommends a  preliminary compatibility test.
    – While producing plastics very often releasing agents, processing aids and other protective agents (like protection foil) are used. These should be removed prior to bonding. For optimum adhesion, the use of  Surface Activator is recommended.
    – This product can not be used as a glazing sealant.

    For application guns, click here. For all other Soudal products on our website, please click here.

    Any further information on Soudal products, please visit their website here.

Automotive Sealants

Our range of automotive sealants consists of leading brands such as Everbuild, Sika, Soudal and EB25. All our automotive sealants are highly tested and have been created by reputable brands, therefore you can feel confident when shopping with SSL.

The automotive industry also has a high-level requirement for quality vehicle mastic sealants which can be used in vehicle assembly and manufacturing. We understand this requirement and therefore stock brands with an extensive reputation in the automotive industry.

The automotive sealants we stock are also suitable for waterproofing and bonding, making them suitable for a use with a variety of substrates. Often our vehicle sealants are used in maintenance, repairs and windscreen replacement by industry professionals.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the prices we offer are competitive within the market. We also understand the difficulties of finding a reliable company who regularly supply sealants and adhesives to their customers. However, Sealant Supplies take pride in the level of service we are able to provide to our clients.

For those clients with a requirement for ongoing deliveries of automotive sealants we also provide the option to create a trade or credit account. Special discounts are available for our trade account holders on bulk and regular orders.

If you would like more information on the products we provide or opening a trade account, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. Simply call 01708 525 866 and we will be happy to help.