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  • Ral-Colour-Sealant

    EVT Natural Stone HPM


    Elastic single-component silicone sealant for indoor and outdoor use in contact to marble and natural stone, with 25% maximum movement tolerance. Neutral curing

    2 Week Delivery Time.

    Special properties

    • elastic silicone-based sealant
    • no plasticizer migration on absorbent substrates
    • optimized tooling properties
    • low odour formulation
    • ageing and weather-resistant, good UV resistance
    • compatible with paints
    • good adhesion also on metals, compatible with copper
    • with fungicide

    Fields of application

    For sealing joints and connecting joints in contact with marble and natural stone.

    EVT Natural Stone HPM must not be used in aquarium construction, as mirror adhesive and in areas with direct food contact.

    In underwater applications, especially accurate tooling is necessary (preparation of substrate; often primer necessary). Underwater joints must be checked in suitable time intervals and have to be reworked if necessary.

    Not suited for plastics within general poor adhesion to silicones (eg PE, PP, PET).

    Usage instructions

    Substrate pretreatment

    The substrate must be dry, firm, and free of dust and grease (clean with isopropanol, if necessary). Porous substrates (e.g. concrete, plasterboard and untreated wood) must be primed. Before primer application, remove any cement slurry, mould release agents or impregnations. In renovation projects, old sealant remains of paint and loose material must be fully removed. On coated substrates (paints, lacquers), compatibility to the sealant must be tested.

    The joint must always be provided with a suitable, correctly dimensioned joint backing (e.g. PE cord, rock wool) to prevent adhesion on three faces. To avoid contamination and to achieve a precise joint, we recommend masking the joint edges with adhesive tape before primer application and filling – especially when working with marble / natural stone.


    Joint dimensions

    Joint dimensions should be at least 5 x 5 mm for indoor and 10 x 8 mm (width x depth) for outdoor applications. With increasing joint width (up to 30 mm), joint depth should be roughly half the joint width. Make sure that triangular bevels have uniform sides of equal length with at least 7 mm bonding surface on each side.


    After applying the sealant with a suitable manual, battery-powered or pneumatic caulking gun, the sealant can be smoothed in the joint with water or with a neutral, non-staining water- based smoothing agent and a suitable tool (e.g. jointing trowel). Smoothing is not only recommended for optical reasons, but also establishes close contact and good adhesion to the substrate. Remove excess smoothing agent (risk of schlieren). Any adhesive tape used should be removed immediately after smoothing. We recommend the FS caulking gun and FS jointing trowel.


    Important remarks

    The function of the sealant can only be guaranteed if correctly applied in accordance with the technical recommendations given in this data sheet and in related standards. Sealant application in situations with strongly fluctuating temperatures (premature stressing of the sealant) must be avoided.

    The sealant is compatible with many paints and lacquers. Owing to a large number of different coating systems on the market, own tests concerning adhesion and compatibility have to be performed prior to application. For example, it is known that alkyd resin-based paints may give discolouration in combination with neutral curing silicones. The sealant is not overpaintable,

    Especially on powder-coated substrates, adhesion has to be tested carefully, since it can be affected negatively depending on the coating used (may even vary for different colours of the same brand of powder coating).

    In contact with bituminous, tar- or plasticizer-releasing substrates (eg EPDM, neoprene, butyl), discolouration and/or loss of adhesion may occur.

    Good ventilation must be provided during application and curing to allow curing by-products to evaporate. Low temperatures, low humidities and joint depths above 15 mm can retard skin formation and cure significantly.

    Exposure to liquid (eg acid-based cleaning agents, strongly coloured liquids) or gaseous chemicals (eg. tobacco smoke) for longer periods can result in discolouration of the product, especially for light colours (white). In general, the mechanical properties of the sealant are not adversely affected.

    Products with fungicide give additional protection against the mould to the joint. But, they can not supersede good housekeeping: It’s essential to keep the joint clean, dry and free from substances, that may serve as nutrition medium (eg soap residues, skin scales).

  • Ral-Colour-Sealant

    EVT Prime – Ral Colour Sealant


    RAL Colours:

    EVT Prime Colours are stocked on the list below. If you would like a specific RAL colour not listed on the items below, please contact us and we can advise lead time and cost. RAL colours listed are a non-stock item and delivery time is anything from next day to 2 weeks, to 6 weeks, depending on the stock from manufacture.

    Areas of application

    EVT Prime Colours may be used for sealing construction joints on most surfaces. Suitable for perimeter sealing of uPVC window frames, conservatories, coated wood, aluminium, metal, concrete, plaster and sanitary applications. For interior and exterior use.


    EVT Prime Colours cures upon reaction with moisture, remains permanently elastic, is non-ageing, contains a biocide, is durable and non-paintable. An application test is recommended before use. Do not use on natural stone. Use EVT Natural Stone HPM for marble and natural stone applications.


    Apply with a hand-operated, battery-operated or air pressure dispensing gun; then smooth the joint surface with the use of a trowel or your finger and Surface Finishing Agent.

    RAL Colours:

    1013 – Oyster White

    1015 – Anemone

    1019 – Grey Beige

    2002 – Blood Red

    3002 – Carmine Red

    3011 – Brown Red

    4008 – Signal Violet

    5000 – Violet Blue

    5001 – Green Blue

    5003 – Sapphire Blue

    5011 – Steel Blue

    5014 – Pigeon Blue

    6003 – Olive Blue

    6005 – Moss Green

    6007 – Bottle Green

    6009 – Fir Green

    6012 – Black Green

    6015 – Black Olive

    6019 – Pastel Green

    6020 – Chrome Green

    6021 – Pale Green

    6028 – Pine Green

    6033 – Mint Turquoise

    7000 – Squirrel Grey

    7001 – Silver Grey

    7002 – Olive Green

    7003 – Moss Green

    7004 –  Signal Grey

    7005 – Mouse Grey

    7006 – Beige Grey

    7010 – Tarpaulin Grey

    7011 – Iron Grey

    7012 – Basalt Grey

    7015 – Slate Grey

    7016 – Anthracite Grey

    7021 – Black Grey

    7022 – Umbra Grey

    7024 – Concrete Grey

    7030 – Stone Grey

    7032 – Pebble Grey

    7033 – Cement Grey

    7034 – Yellow Grey

    7035 – Light Grey

    7036 – Platinum Grey

    7037 – Dusty Grey

    7038 – Agate Grey

    7039 – Quartz Grey

    7040 – Window Grey

    7042 – Traffic Grey A

    7043 – Traffic Grey B

    7044 – Silk Grey B

    7045 – Tele Grey 1

    7046 – Tele Grey 2

    7047 – Tele Grey 4

    8002 – Signal Brown

    8004 – Cooper Brown

    8014 – Sepia Brown

    8016 – Mahogany Brown

    8019 – Grey Brown

    9001 – Cream

    9002 – Grey White

    9003 – Signal White

    9006 – White Aluminium

    9007 – Grey Aluminium

    9010 – Pure White

    9016 – Traffic White