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Fire Protection & Foam

  • Nullifire FJ203 Firestopping Backer Rod



    FJ203 is a fire-stopping backer rod made of rock wool sheathed with flexible glass wires.


    Classification reports for fire resistance up to 4 hours according to NF EN 13501-2
    High regularity
    Fits all joints
    Packaged in long coils
    Good cohesion, easy to cut


    Other backing foams are available here, we supply flat backer foam and backer rod.

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  • illbruck PU700 Multi-Use Construction Adhesive 750ml – Box of 12



    illbruck PU700 is a rapid curing polyurethane foam adhesive which can be applied by gun or straw.


    – High-performance wood and joinery adhesive
    – Perfect for bonding a wide range of construction materials
    – Fast curing – joint can be handled/manoeuvred within 10 minutes and cures entirely within 24 hours
    – Simple to use
    – Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
    – Superb long-term resistance to seawater, limewater, dilute acids and caustic solutions


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  • illbruck FM310 Pro Foam 750ml – Box of 12



    illbruck FM310 is a rapid curing, gun grade expanding polyurethane foam that is suitable for general gap filling, bonding and insulation applications. Typical applications include perimeter sealing & fixing of windows & doors.

    – Low post-expansion improves the accuracy of delivery, reduces foam wastage and minimises the cutting time
    – Forms a strong bond to a number of surfaces. Such as concrete, brickwork, stone, plaster, wood, fibre concrete, metal, PVC and polystyrene
    – Rapid curing formulation: Foam is tack-free within 10 minutes, and can be cut or trimmed within 45 minutes


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Fire Protection & Foam

Sealant Supplies Limited stocks a wide range of specialist and fire protection sealants from trusted brands such as Dow Corning, Sika Everbuild, Gorilla, CM Sealants, Soudal, and illbruck among others. Our selection of fire sealants is fully tested and compliant with governing bodies.

Whether you are looking for silicone fire-stop sealants or acrylic sealants, we can help. We can also source for fire protection sealants in a variety of colours including black, white, grey, and clear. We stock a full range of professional fire sealants ideal for professional and personal use.

Sealant Supplies Limited features fire sealants designed to prevent fire, toxic gases, and smoke from spreading. Our fireproof sealants are also suitable for sealing holes in fire walls and fire doors.

Fire silicone sealant ensures joints maintain high movement capability and remains effective even when used between different materials. We stock fire sealants that are ideal for use on most building surfaces with varying lengths of fire protection, some lasting up to 4 hours in joints up to 40 mm.

We recommend testing a small area in cases where no priming is required. Our sealants are easy to use and convenient for fast application. Enjoy seamless aesthetics doubled up with fire safety from the wide range of sealants in our catalogue.

Sealant Supplies Limited stocks quality products that give you up to 25 years of service with the correct application. Get in touch with us to explore your options or make an order. Call our team on 01708 525 866 or email