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  • illbruck SP036 Fix & Fit Adhesive & Sealant White – Box of 12


    Illbruck SP036 is a multi-purpose adhesive/sealant that provides a strong & flexible bond for fit-out applications. It can be used on a number of construction materials, both porous & non-porous & can also be used as a caulking agent.

    Area of application

    Illbruck SP036 provides a strong and flexible bond for typical fit-out applications such as skirting boards, panels, signage and other fixtures & fittings. Illbruck SP036 can be used on both porous and non-porous materials, including those sensitive to solvent attacks – such as polystyrene. It has good tooling & over-paintability properties – that it can be used as a caulking agent as well as an adhesive.

    Product Benefits

    – Bonds and seals most construction materials
    – Over paintable once cured
    – Flexible
    – Resistant to weather & ageing
    – Suitable for internal & external applications


    – Using a sharp knife, cut the end of the thread off, making sure to avoid damaging the thread. Trim the nozzle to the required diameter.
    – Ensure thorough contact between the joint surfaces before applying adhesive. Apply a bead of adhesive to one or both surfaces.
    – To bond larger components, apply parallel adhesive beads with a distance of approx. 10 cm so that after joining the parts an aerated gap remains between the beads.
    – If used with metals, the maximum width should not exceed 12 mm.

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  • illbruck OS111 Bituminous Sealant Black 310ml – Box of 24



    illbruck OS111 is bituminous sealant and adhesive that can be applied on damp, wet or submerged substrates. It is ideal for fixing leaks and making repairs, even on damp or wet substrates & for all types of roofing felts; including APP- and SBS- modified membranes, waterproof finishing of overlaps, connections and joints of roof edges, chimneys, light domes and bushings for exhaust pipes, fixing rainwater drain systems onto the roof, connection of damp courses and other waterproofing wall details (e.g. inner-walls), fixing overlaps of roofing felt at rising outer walls, temporary remedial or repair of plumbing.


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