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Sealant Primers

Sealant Primers
  • everbuild-p1-primer

    Everbuild P1 Porous Primer

    £49.99 £39.90

    Everbuild P1 Porous Primer is a copolymer primer for use on porous surfaces before applying all common types of sealants.


    For use on:
    – Brick
    – Stone
    – Concrete
    – Blockwork
    – Floor Screeds
    – Render


    – Works on most common porous building materials.
    – Acts as a primer for dusty screeds.
    – Works with all common silicone types.



    Apply Everbuild P1 by using a brush in one coat and allow to dry.


    – Do not use against substrates that bleed oil or plasticisers.
    – Can not be used below +5°C.
    – Do not apply wet or damp surfaces.


    All technical data stated are based on our own laboratory tests. Actual data may vary.

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  • everbuild-np-2-primer

    Everbuild Sealant Primer NP2

    £85.00 £65.00

    Everbuild Sealant Primer NP2 is a solvent based, polyorganosiloxane primer, specifically designed for use on non-porous areas prior to applying all common types of silicone.

    USES for

    – Glass
    – uPVC
    – Aluminium
    – Steel
    – Ceramics


    –  Everbuild Sealant Primer NP2 works on most non-porous materials.
    – Works with all common silicone types.
    – Can also be used with PU and hybrid based sealants


    Coverage will vary according to type and porosity of substrate. As a guide, a 1L tin will cover approx 2.5m².


    Apply one coat with a brush and allow to dry.


    – Can not be used over bitumen or substrates that bleed oil or plasticizers.
    – Do not use below +5°C.
    – Can not be applied to damp or wet surfaces.


    All information is based on tests done in a laboratory environment. Actual measured data may vary.

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  • fosroc-ms2-primer

    FOSROC MS2 Primer 750ml

    £87.99 £75.99

    FOSROC MS2 is a two-part priming system used in conjunction with Fosroc Nitoseal sealant range. It is required for use in joints alongside Nitoseal that are set to be intermittently or permanently immersed in water, or where the substrate is likely to be saturated (for example, externally).

    FOSROC MS2 Nitoseal primer is formulated for priming prior to application of the sealant


    Empty the entire contents of the hardener tin into the base tin, replace the base tin cap. Mix by shaking thoroughly for 2 minutes. Prime the joint face using a dry, clean brush. Avoid over-application of the primer & avoid causing puddles in the bottom of the joint. The sealant should be applied between 30 minutes & 4 hours after the primer has been applied. If the area is not sealed within this time frame, the primer residue will need to be removed by either grit blasting or grinding, before the primer can be reapplied. The mixed Primer MS2 solution must be applied within one working day. Do not use part packs.

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  • fosroc-primer-7

    FOSROC Primer 7 – Surface primer for polysulphide sealant 500ml

    £49.95 £44.34

    Fosroc primer 7 comes as a ready to use, brush-on liquid, that prepares porous surfaces such as stone, brickwork, concrete, timber and un-glazed edges of ceramic tiles before the application of Thioflex 600.


    Primer 7 is used to prime concrete joint edges before applying Thioflex 600 polysulphide joint sealants. If the joints are likely to be subject to long term moisture, then Primer 13 should be considered.


    – Fast-drying – enables sealant work to progress
    – Single component – no mixing required


    Primer 7 is a low viscosity one-component solvent-based priming system for concrete joints before the installation of Thioflex 600 joint sealants.

    Technical Support

    – Easy to use, brush applied primer
    – Essential for use with Thioflex 600
    – Widely used for the priming of movement joints in building and civil engineering structures that are being sealed with Thioflex 600

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  • ndd-sika-primer-3n

    Sika Primer 3N – 1 Litre

    £34.59 £29.00

    Sika Primer 3N is one part, a solvent-containing primer for Sika joint sealants and elastic adhesives.

    Sika Primer 3N is Sold in 1 Litre Bottles.


    All substrates must be clean, dry and homogeneous, free from oils, grease, dust and loose or friable particles.


    Apply Sika 3N with a clean brush or clean roller. Sika Primer-3 N only needs to be applied once.


    –  As a primer under Sikaflex Joint sealing products before application
    – Primer for Sikaflex AT Joint Sealants
    – Can also be used as a primer for Sikabond products
    – For use on porous substrates such as concrete

    Benefits of 3N Primer :

    – Easily applied (With brush or roller)
    – Provides a stronger and longer-lasting bond, creating an improved seal
    – Is compatible on substrates with up to 8% moisture content



    – Sika Primer-3 N must be used within a month after opening the container.
    – Discard any primer that has gelled.

    Primers are adhesion enhancers. They are not a substitute for the correct cleaning of a surface, nor do they improve the strength of the surface significantly.

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  • ndd-Soudal-primer-100

    Soudal Primer 100

    £24.99 £14.00

    Soudal Primer 100 is a universal primer for use prior to applying polyurethane sealant to porous surfaces.


    – Liquid, easy application
    – Suitable for all professional sealants based on polyurethane, polysulfide and MS-polymers.


    – Surfaces of expansion joints
    – Joint surfaces of porous materials


    Method: brush
    Application temperature: +5°C to +25°C
    Clean: with white spirit immediately after application
    Recommendation: after application of Primer 100, wait for 60 minutes at least and 4 hours at the most before applying a sealant

    Product Benefits:

    – Liquid primer for porous substrates

    – Universal Primer – Can be used with both Polyurethanes and Hybrid Polymers

    – One Component – Easy to use

    – Clear Solution


    If the maximum waiting time of 4 hours has passed before application of the sealant, apply a new layer of Primer 100.

    Soudal Primer 100 should only be used with polyurethane, polysulfide and MS-polymer sealants. For silicone-based products, please use Soudal Primer 150.


    Soudal primer 100 comes in a 500ml tin.


    6 months in unopened packaging in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures between +5°C and +25°. Protect against frost!

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Sealant Primer

Preparing the area for sealant application is essential to ensure a seamless application. Even if you are a sealant expert, or a DIY novice, applying a sealant primer can help to improve the end result.

We stock a range of high-quality brands which include Everbuild, FOSROC and Soudal. Our experienced team are regularly reviewing and monitoring the latest products to hit the market, so we are able to provide the best solutions to our customers.

As a leading provider of Sealant Supplies, we provide the full range of products to assist you with your sealant application. Starting with sealant primers and preparation products, through to sealant applicator tools and finally, sealants of ranging qualities and suitability’s.

Our sealant primers cover a range of environments and materials; therefore, we have something for every project. As we also stock everything else you may need for a sealant project, we provide discounts for bulk orders where required. We also have the option to create a trade or credit account for ongoing discounts throughout the year.

You can apply for a trade or credit account via our website or get in touch with our team on 01708 525866 or by emailing