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  • Mapei Keracolor SF 5KG



    Keracolor SF is a super fine, high performance cementitious grout, polymer modified, for joints up to 4 mm.


    Keracolor SF is a blend of cement, fine-grained inert materials, synthetic resins, special admixtures and pigments. Keracolor SF is characterised by its unique rheological behaviour, making it particularly suitable for grouting narrow tile joints. When mixed with water in the proportions recommended and correctly applied, it forms a grouting mortar with the following characteristics: • good compressive and flexural strength and good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore optimum durability; • smooth, compact finished surface with a very fine grain structure, with low water absorbency and therefore easy cleaning;

    • excellent resistance to abrasion;

    • low shrinkage rate, therefore free of cracks and crevices;

    • good resistance to acids with pH > 3;

    • excellent cost-performance ratio. By mixing Keracolor SF with Fugolastic, a special synthetic resin-based polymeric admixture, its final characteristics are further improved, and it reaches a level of strength that makes it suitable for even the most severe in-service conditions (grouting façades, swimming pools, bathrooms and even floors subject to heavy traffic). Keracolor SF and Fugolastic admix may also be used for grouting joints in marble to be polished after laying. For further information, please refer to the Fugolastic Technical Data Sheet.

    Please be advised that Kercolor SF is a non-stock item & extended lead times are advised


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