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  • The Glazing Kit



    The Glazing Kit

    Your hassle-free solution to structurally bonding a variety of materials including, metal, glass, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.

    Containing 5 essential tools, this kit will take you from start to finish to ensure the most efficient job is done, all at a great price!

    Each kit includes:

    CM Foam Strip 100m (Various Widths) – A non-absorbent, compressible, white, closed cell, polyethene foam backup material. Simply insert into a joint to control sealant depth & create a backstop.

    Everbuild Power Pro Sealant Gun  – The ultimate heavy duty sealant gun. It ncludes an extra pull trigger, hook end and swivel action barrel for both 310ml and 400ml cartridges.

    2 x Dowsil 895 Structual Glazing Sealant – A one-part, neutral curing silicone sealant designed specifically for the structural bonding of glass, metal and other building components. It can also be used for adhering stiffening elements to building panels.

    750ml Spray Bottle – A chemical-resistant spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle for jet to mist. Ideal for smoothing and finishing off your sealant for a neat finish. Mixing the smallest amount of washing up liquid to water will give you the best results.

    Bont-It 4 Part Sealant Applicator Kit – A durable and handy kit for use with a range of mastic sealants. Suitable for smoothing and finishing, both internally and externally, in hard to reach areas, such as behind bath taps and corner areas. The kit can also be used to create recessed joints, perfectly flush joints and tidy fillet sealant joints with any type of mastic sealant.




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