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  • Soudal Superglue Activator 200ml



    Aerosol Superglue Activator – to be used in conjunction with cyanoacrylate based high viscosity superglue. Activator reduces blooming and odour. Allows the superglue to cure almost instantly. Easy to use.


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  • C-Tec SuperFast Plus Superglue



    Super Fast Plus is almost a pure cyanacrylate. This give it amazing bonding qualities, meaning it can fuse an array of materials together.

    • An adhesive that bonds in seconds.
    • A one component adhesive that doesn’t contain any solvents. It consists mainly of Athyl Cyanacrylate Monomer.
    • Temperature resistance from 30°C to 100°C.
    • Resistant to solvents, oils, and temperature fluctuations.


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