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Arbokol 1025 SP – Swimming Pool Grade


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Weight : 2.2 kg

Colour : Grey, Off White

Product Description:

Arbokol 1025SP is a unique two-part Epoxy sealant which cures to form a hard-wearing seal. It is designed to accommodate small amounts of movement in extension but a considerable movement in compression.

Arbokol 1025SP is recommended for use in a variety of internal stress relief joints, where continual water resistance & a high level of chemical resistance is required.


Swimming pools, tile to tile joints (no primer required), compression joints, long term water immersed joints, shower rooms. This product is not recommended for structural joints applications.


Joint Prep

The surfaces must be clean and free from all contamination. Surfaces should be cleaned using an appropriate surface cleaner.


The ratio of the curing agent to the base compound controls the performance properties of Arbokol 1025 SP & the tins are filled to this exact mixing ratio. It is essential, therefore that the entire contents of the
curing agent tin are added to the base tin. The two components must be mixed thoroughly to ensure complete homogeneity.

Application Method

The usual method, once mixed, is to fill the sealant into an empty barrel gun, using a heavy-duty follower plate. The barrel is placed over the hole in the centre of the plate and filled by applying steady downward pressure & pulling the plunger rod. Fix end cap to the barrel, and the mixed sealant is then ready for application. It is recommended that PC Cox Barrell Gun is used for the application.

Joint Backing

Where applicable, appropriate joint filler, e.g. a closed-cell polyethylene foam should be used to achieve the correct joint depth. All joint preparation and application should be carried out by following BS8000 Part 16 (British standard for the sealing of joints in buildings)


Joint Width

Minimum: 6mm
Maximum: 20mm (single application)

Joint Depth

Minimum: 10mm on porous substrates / 6mm on non-porous substrates
Maximum: 10mm

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