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Bond-It ZM10 Zero Meko Silicone – Box of 12

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Weight : 8 kg

Colour : White

Product Description:

Bond-It ZM10 Zero Meko Silicone is a specially developed sealant that gives off no solvents or corrosive vapours while curing. ZM10 cures quickly under all conditions when exposed to air.


Bond-It ZM10 is suitable for glazing, curtain walling, metal cladding, weather sealing and bonding of high movement joints. Its unique formulation gives exceptional tooling properties and durability. It is also suitable for sanitary applications including baths, showers, sinks and vanity units, etc. Accelerated ageing tests indicate a life expectancy of more than 25 years.
It is ideal for use on:
– Glass
– Ceramics
– All metals
– Metal cladding
– Concrete
– Painted and unpainted timber
– Brick
– Plastics, including PVCu
– All painted surfaces


Apply using a standard sized sealant gun. Cut the nozzle at 45° angle, using a sharpe blade. Cut nozzle to an opening slightly larger than the joint to be sealed. To acheive a technically superior joint, use a polyethene foam backing rod, that is pushed into the joint before sealing. This will also minimuise how much sealant is used.


Porous surfaces should be primed first. Do not use on substrates where water can penetrate through porous materials. Furthermore, this product is not suitable for use on natural stone where colour bleed may occur, use Bond It “The One” Silicone for these applications.

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