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CM Primer C – 1L

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Weight : 4 kg

Product Description:

CM Primer C is a single component, solvent-borne, polyurethane priming coat to be used with CM200 PF.

Typical Uses

CM Primer C is suitable for priming dry, porous surfaces which form the bonding face of an expansion or construction joint.

  • To be used on concrete,
  • To be used on cementitious or epoxy mortars,
  • To be used on timber
  • To be used on porous stone surfaces.

Do not use on glazed, metallic or sealed surfaces (e.g. G.R.P. polished stone, painted surfaces etc.)


Once the joint is clean, the joint faces should be primed with CM Primer C using a small paintbrush, ensure that the faces are completely covered. After priming, allow half an hour for the solvent to evaporate. If the application of the sealant is delayed for more than 2 hours after priming, joints should be reprimed.


  • Primer C contains a moisture curing urethane and a hydrocarbon solvent.
  • Harmful – wear PPE when handling, follow safety precautions if inhalation or swallowing.
  • PPE suggestion – suitable gloves and eye/face protection.
  • Do not breathe fumes.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition.