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Dow Corning Firestop 700 Silicone – Box of 12


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Weight : 7.4 kg

Dimensions : N/A

Colour : Black, Grey, White

Product Description:

Box of 12

Dow Corning Firestop 700 Sealant is a low modulus, neutral curing, fire-rated silicone. It has excellent unprimed adhesion to a range of common substrates. This includes stone, steel, masonry, brick, wood, and more.

Fire Ratings

Dow Corning Firestop 700 Sealant can achieve up to a 4-hour fire rating at specified joint and penetration configurations, which data is available for. As a result, the test data provides a good indication of the expected performance of the sealant in fire situations.

Applicators should satisfy themselves that specific purpose for which this sealant is proposed are suitable. Therefore testing of a particular system may be required. Also, to achieve any specific fire rating, all substrates being used in the system must have at least an equivalent fire rating.

Typical Properties

– Sealing of expansion joints – Pipe and cable penetrations in fire-rated structures.
– For the provision of fire-rated systems in curtain walling, building facades or partition walls.

Substrate Preparation

Clean all joints of release agents, water repellents, dust, dirt. Any old sealants and other contaminants which could impair adhesion, before application.

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