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Everbuild S50 Silicone Sealant


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Weight : 0.4 kg

Colour : Jasmine, Manhattan Grey, Translucent, White

Product Description:

Everbuild S50 Silicone is a mid-modulus, acetoxy curing silicone sealant that contains a powerful anti-fungal compound to prevent mould and fungal growth in areas of high humidity. Therefore, it gives improved adhesion and flexibility when compared to standard high modulus sanitary grades.


– Sealing around all types of baths.
– Sealing around shower trays.
– Sealing expansion joints and corners of ceramic tiles.
– Sealing around most sanitary fittings – check the technical datasheet.
– Sealing in high humidity areas.
– Used as an adhesive for bath & shower trim.


– High viscosity formula for quick, easy tooling.
– Flexible – movement accommodation of +/- 20%.
– Waterproof seal.
– Contains a powerful anti-fungal compound to prevent mould growth. Therefore making it ideal for internal sanitary sealing.



All surfaces must be dry and clan for application of Everbuild S50. Glass and aluminium should be cleaned with a solvent cleaner before application.

However, some surfaces may require priming. Therefore a small area should be tested first.

If the joint is likely to be immersed or if adhesion is weak (especially on porous surfaces) use EVERBUILD SILICONE PRIMER P1. Also, to improve adherence (if required) to non-porous surfaces, prime with EVERBUILD SILICONE PRIMER NP2. LIMITATIONS

– Do not use in conjunction with Bitumen or Asphalt, use Everbuild Weather Mate.
– Do not use on anodised or chrome plated shower trims, use Everbuild 450.
– It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use.
– Not to be used on natural stone, as S50 is not anti leaching and will stain after time.

We have a number of tools on our website that would assist with the application of this product. We would recommend using a PC Cox Skeleton Gun to apply & a Bond-it Tooling Kit to aid in providing a professional finish.

Always refer to the technical data sheet or speak to someone at Sealant Supplies for advice.