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Everbuild Fire Seal 400 Fire Proof


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Weight : 0.7 kg

Dimensions : 27 × 5 × 5 cm

Colour : Black, Grey, White

Product Description:

Everbuild Fire Seal 400 is an elastic, acoustic rated silicone sealant that neutrally cures & conforms to EN1366-4:2006 for fire retardant and has a fire rating of up to 4 hours in specific joint configurations. Typically used for all sealing joints within the building envelope which require a fire rating.


– Building joints which require a fire rating.
– Sealing joints in firewalls, partitions and other structures.
– Ideal for use for fire-rated expansion joints.


– Everbuild Fire Seal 400is a Neutral cure – adheres to most building surfaces, porous and non-porous.
– Permanently flexible (25% movement accommodation).
– Excellent weathering properties – suitable for internal and external applications.
– This product will not slump, so it is easy to apply and tool off. Therefore, making it an excellent choice for a majority of applications.
– Forms an acoustic seal.



All surfaces must be dry and free of dust, therefore, improving adhesion. In addition to that, on non-porous surfaces, use Primer NP2.


– Do not use on surfaces that bleed oils or plasticisers or in contact with bitumen or asphalt.
– Do not attempt to sand down. Finish smooth as per directions.
– Not overpaintable.
– In some cases, the product can yellow while curing if exposed to brick acid or bleach. However, this does not affect performance.


All information on Everbuild Fire Seal 400 is based on tests conducted in a laboratory environment. Actual performance data may vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

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