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FOSROC MS2 Primer 750ml

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Product Description:

FOSROC MS2 is a two-part priming system used in conjunction with Fosroc Nitoseal sealant range. It is required for use in joints alongside Nitoseal that are set to be intermittently or permanently immersed in water, or where the substrate is likely to be saturated (for example, externally).

FOSROC MS2 Nitoseal primer is formulated for priming prior to application of the sealant


Empty the entire contents of the hardener tin into the base tin, replace the base tin cap. Mix by shaking thoroughly for 2 minutes. Prime the joint face using a dry, clean brush. Avoid over-application of the primer & avoid causing puddles in the bottom of the joint. The sealant should be applied between 30 minutes & 4 hours after the primer has been applied. If the area is not sealed within this time frame, the primer residue will need to be removed by either grit blasting or grinding, before the primer can be reapplied. The mixed Primer MS2 solution must be applied within one working day. Do not use part packs.

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