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FOSROC Primer 7 – Surface primer for polysulphide sealant 500ml

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Additional information

Weight : 1.2 kg

Colour : Transparent

size : 500ml

Product Description:

Fosroc primer 7 comes as a ready to use, brush-on liquid, that prepares porous surfaces such as stone, brickwork, concrete, timber and un-glazed edges of ceramic tiles before the application of Thioflex 600.


Primer 7 is used to prime concrete joint edges before applying Thioflex 600 polysulphide joint sealants. If the joints are likely to be subject to long term moisture, then Primer 13 should be considered.


– Fast-drying – enables sealant work to progress
– Single component – no mixing required


Primer 7 is a low viscosity one-component solvent-based priming system for concrete joints before the installation of Thioflex 600 joint sealants.

Technical Support

– Easy to use, brush applied primer
– Essential for use with Thioflex 600
– Widely used for the priming of movement joints in building and civil engineering structures that are being sealed with Thioflex 600

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