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Sika Primer 3N – 1 Litre


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Weight : 1.2 kg

size : 1L

Product Description:

Sika Primer 3N is one part, a solvent-containing primer for Sika joint sealants and elastic adhesives.

Sika Primer 3N is Sold in 1 Litre Bottles.


All substrates must be clean, dry and homogeneous, free from oils, grease, dust and loose or friable particles.


Apply Sika 3N with a clean brush or clean roller. Sika Primer-3 N only needs to be applied once.


–  As a primer under Sikaflex Joint sealing products before application
– Primer for Sikaflex AT Joint Sealants
– Can also be used as a primer for Sikabond products
– For use on porous substrates such as concrete

Benefits of 3N Primer :

– Easily applied (With brush or roller)
– Provides a stronger and longer-lasting bond, creating an improved seal
– Is compatible on substrates with up to 8% moisture content



– Sika Primer-3 N must be used within a month after opening the container.
– Discard any primer that has gelled.

Primers are adhesion enhancers. They are not a substitute for the correct cleaning of a surface, nor do they improve the strength of the surface significantly.

If more technical information is needed, please visit Sika Everbuilds website here.

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