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Soudal Soudaflex 40FC – 600ml – Box of 12


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Weight : 11 kg

Colour : Black, Grey, White, Concrete Grey

Product Description:

Soudal Soudaflex 40FC is a high-quality polyurethane sealant and adhesive perfect for a vast number of applications. It is ideal for bonding and sealing panels. It is also a high-quality joint sealant, being used in road and bridge building, as well as industrial flooring applications.

Colours: White, Black, Grey and Concrete Grey

– Sealant and adhesive
– High modulus, polyurethane formula
– Specifically formulated for concrete applications
– Structural bonding of joints subject to vibration
– Adheres to most common construction substrates
– Chemical resistant
– Durable, long-lasting seal


– Sealing and bonding applications within the building industry, see technical data sheet to ensure compatible with required work.
– Structural bondings in vibrating constructions.
– Structural bonding’s in vibrating structures.
– Sealing of shrinking joints in concrete floors.
– Bonding of roof tiles


– Simple and easy application
– Good elastically after curing
– Excellent adhesion on many materials, refer to the datasheet.
– Excellent resistance to many chemicals
– Soudal Soudaflex 40FC is specially developed for concrete applications.


The product will last 12 months if left unopened in a cool & dry environment at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.

For all other Soudal products on our website, please click here. A foil pack sealant gun is required for the application of the Soudal 40FC – please see here. Large floor joints, that are level, we would recommend the Fosroc Thioflex 600 Pour Grade, found here.

For any further information you may need on Soudal, please visit their website here.

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