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  • Geocel 945 High Modulus MS Polymer Sealant & Adhesive – Box 10


    Geocel 945 is a high modulus MS Polymer for building and civil engineering structures.


    – Geocel 945 is Fast cure.
    – Resistant to aerobic and anaerobic bacteriological attack
    – Excellent application characteristics. Geocel 945 is easy to tool product.


    For sealing movement joints to:

    – Building substructures
    – Culvert and bridge assemblies
    – Concrete road soak away channels
    – Concrete floor slabs (Saw cuts)
    – Expansion joints in water retaining structures
    – Sealing of stadia terrace movement joints


    The sealing slot should be accurately formed. The slot sides should be cleaned to expose a sound surface. Care should be taken to ensure that the slot is formed to the required depth and any joint expansion filler tightly packed. Therefore, a tight-fitting cord or bond breaker should be inserted at the base of the slot to ensure that the sealant only bonds to the joint sides. Also, please ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, sound and free from frost. After that, clean all joints of release agents, water repellents, laitance, dust, dirt, old sealants or other contaminants.


    Geocel 945 may be overpainted with water-based paints; however, due to a large number of coatings available, it is advisable to carry out a compatibility test before application. However, for alkyd paints, water-based primer coat must be used.


    If necessary, the joint edges can be masked with tape to prevent contamination.


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  • Mapei MapeGlitter 100g – Box of 10



    MapeGlitter can be added to Kerapoxy Design at rates of up to 10% by weight to form grouting mortar with a sparkly, metallic finish, and is particularly recommended for metallic tiles and vitreous tiles and mosaics.


    MapeGlitter is available in silver, light gold, purple, pastel violet, pink, violet, fuchsia, red, copper, black, brown, bronze, sand, medium blue, pastel green, green, bottle green, burnished, pastel sky, sky, royal blue, dark blue and night blue. When mixed correctly, it forms grouting mortar and wall finishes with the following characteristics:

    • translucent finish to improve the effect of coloured coatings with special decorative characteristics;
    • semi-transparent effect for a brighter, glossier finish and to enhance coatings.


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  • Protecta FR Graphite Plate – Box of 10



    Protecta FR Graphite Plates are a preformed self-adhesive intumescent plate used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions when punctured with plastic wall boxes. It is used where the walls have been provided with apertures for the penetration of conduits and cables into socket boxes on one or both sides of the wall.

    The FR Graphite Plate immediately reacts to fire through the heat and automatically expands and fills up the box, preventing fire from passing through. Fitting Protecta FR Graphite Plate will reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions for up to 120 minutes. It also prevents the passage of fire through the electrical conduits between socket boxes.


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