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  • bond-it-cartridge-cutter

    Bond-it Snip Off Cartridge Cutter


    The Bond It Cartridge cutter is ideal for anyone using silicone sealants that needs to take the nipple off to use the cartridge. The cutter itself gives you plenty of protection when using, making it a lot safer and easier to use over a blade.

    The cutter is a two in one, as you can use it to cut the nozzles to the correct angle of application in a very safe and easy action. The blades are designed to be replaced as this long-lasting cutter should stand the test of time, the blade is stainless. Can only be used on 310ml and smaller cartridges.

    Small and easy to carry around with dimensions of approx. 13 x 4 cm.

Sealant Cutter

Sealant preparation tools are an essential part of sealant application, ensuring the area is cleaned and any old sealant has been removed. Using sealant cutters should be done on both trade and DIY projects. Failing to properly remove the old sealant will result in uneven and poor sealant bonding to the joint.

We stock a range of brands via our website, however Bond-Its sealant cutter is unrivalled by many and is a firm favourite in terms of sealant removal. Cutting away sealant doesn’t need to be a difficult task with this product, instead the sealant can glide away easily and without leaving small amounts of residue behind.

Alongside our sealant cutters, we also stock a range of sealant primers, cleaners and wipes. We have researched and tested all of the products available via our website, ensuring we only provide the best possible products to our customers.

As we often supply products to trade customers, we also have trade and credit accounts available. Account holders will benefit from ongoing discounts and the ability to order repeat bulk products. Trade and credit accounts can be applied for directly via our website.

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