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  • Geocel 201 One Part Polymer Sealant – Box of 12


    Geocel 201 One Part Polymer Sealant

    Geocel 201 is one-part sealant that has excellent adhesive and weathering properties and cures to a robust, flexible sealant. This versatile product can be used in a variety of different projects and with a whole range of materials.

    Ideal areas for sealing: – Pre-cast Facing – Cladding panels – Wall tiles- Granite – Metal & Timber window frames – Masonry – Glazing Systems (specific systems not all)

    – Excellent adhesion to both porous and nonporous surfaces
    – Large colour range available
    – Joint movement capability of ±20%
    – Easy to apply, one-component sealant
    – No maintenance required
    – Unaffected by extremes in climatic conditions
    – Non-slump
    – Over paintable


    For joints between 6mm-12mm wide (minimum should be 6mm) – a depth of 6mm is recommended. For joints 12mm and above wide – a width to depth ratio of 2:1 should be used.


    To prepare the surface, you should ensure that they are clean, dry, sturdy and grease-free.

    Do not apply if the surface is below 5°C as it is impossible to guarantee Geocel 201 at this temperature.


    Geocel 201 exhibits excellent primer-less adhesion to most common construction substrates. Geocel recommends carrying out an adhesion test before commencement of any project.


    Closed cell polyethene backer rod is recommended where a back-up material is required. Low tack polyethene tape should be used in joints too shallow to allow the use of the backer rod. Backer rod is available from Geocel.


    The excess sealant may be cleaned off tools and nonporous surfaces, while in an uncured state.


    Geocel 201 may be overpainted with flexible water-based paints.

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  • Geocel 945 High Modulus MS Polymer Sealant & Adhesive – Box 10


    Geocel 945 is a high modulus MS Polymer for building and civil engineering structures.


    – Geocel 945 is Fast cure.
    – Resistant to aerobic and anaerobic bacteriological attack
    – Excellent application characteristics. Geocel 945 is easy to tool product.


    For sealing movement joints to:

    – Building substructures
    – Culvert and bridge assemblies
    – Concrete road soak away channels
    – Concrete floor slabs (Saw cuts)
    – Expansion joints in water retaining structures
    – Sealing of stadia terrace movement joints


    The sealing slot should be accurately formed. The slot sides should be cleaned to expose a sound surface. Care should be taken to ensure that the slot is formed to the required depth and any joint expansion filler tightly packed. Therefore, a tight-fitting cord or bond breaker should be inserted at the base of the slot to ensure that the sealant only bonds to the joint sides. Also, please ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, sound and free from frost. After that, clean all joints of release agents, water repellents, laitance, dust, dirt, old sealants or other contaminants.


    Geocel 945 may be overpainted with water-based paints; however, due to a large number of coatings available, it is advisable to carry out a compatibility test before application. However, for alkyd paints, water-based primer coat must be used.


    If necessary, the joint edges can be masked with tape to prevent contamination.


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  • Geocel 480 Flexible Emulsion Acrylic – Box of 20


    Geocel 480 is a fungus resistant, one-part, flexible, emulsion acrylic sealant. It offers excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and can be over-painted within one hour.
    Geocel 480 is specifically designed for internal perimeter pointing around door and window frames, including PVC-U and timber. Also suitable for filling gaps and cracks in walls, ceilings, between
    plasterboard panels, architraves, skirting boards etc. Geocel 480 is especially useful in applications when the sealant is required to be painted.


    – Excellent adhesion to most common construction substrates
    – Can be over-painted in one hour
    – Resists mildew and mould growth
    – Remains flexible
    – Easy to use, one-component sealant


    Ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, sound and grease-free.

    Note: When using a solvent, always provide adequate ventilation. Avoid heat, sparks and open flames. It is recommended that Geocel 480 is not applied to surfaces that are below 5°C.


    Areas adjacent to the joints should be masked with tape to prevent contamination of substrates and to ensure a neat sealant line. Furthermore, masking tape should be removed immediately after tooling.


    A primer is not essential on most common construction substrates.


    Closed-cell polyethene backer rod is recommended where a back-up material is required. Backer rod is available from Geocel.


    The joint should be ‘tooled’ within five minutes of application to ensure proper contacts between the sealant and the substrate.


    Use a dampened cloth to remove uncured material. However, cured material can be carefully removed by abrasion or other mechanical means.


    Geocel 480 is not recommended for external applications.

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Geocel are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sealants and adhesives, suitable for both commercial and domestic use. With their headquarters based in Devon, this industry leader provides a range of products suitable across a range of projects.

Available in bulk orders, Geocel Sealants are highly requested by our customers due to their reliability and cost-effective pricing. We regularly review our products to ensure we are only providing the best materials to our customers, something that Geocel promises every time.

Builders Sealants can be difficult to find; however, you can’t go wrong with Geocel’s products. Covering the basic requirements for sealants and adhesives, these products are difficult to beat on quality and price.

We often recommend Geocel’s products for our customers who are searching for a reliable all-purpose sealant or adhesive, something which can be used in a variety of different projects and both internally and externally.

As they are often used by industry specialists, we provide Geocel’s products in bulk, therefore making it more cost-effective for those with an ongoing requirement for Geocel sealants.

If you have any questions around the products we stock, or how to create a trade or credit account, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. Simply call us on 01708 525 866 and we will be happy to assist you.