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  • Protecta FR Board Ribbed – Pallet



    Protecta FR Board is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where gaps are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services.

    Protecta FR Board will also maintain the acoustic design performance in fire rated walls and floors. Protecta FR Board consists of a high density stone wool core, over-coated with Protecta FR Coating. The top coating provides additional protection by significantly reducing the stone wool core’s permeability and prevents the passage of hot gases, thus reducing the temperature rise on the unexposed side and reducing heat conduction through the building services.

    Protecta FR Board is available with top coating on one or two sides, selected based on installation considerations and fire resistance. On site, Protecta FR Board must be used together with Protecta FR Acrylic for sealing around building services and the surrounding construction.

    32 units to a pallet

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