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      Hodgson Sealants Silfix U7N is a specialized silicone sealant and adhesive designed for professional users, particularly in sanitary and plumbing applications. Here are some key features and applications of Silfix U7N: Low modulus and alkoxy cure: Silfix U7N is a low modulus silicone, which means it has high flexibility and can accommodate movement without cracking. The alkoxy cure mechanism releases alcohol during curing, resulting in a neutral cure silicone sealant. Exceptional tooling properties: The sealant is formulated with properties that make it easy to tool and shap
  • From: £5.68£0.99 ex. VAT
      Hodgsons Sealants Silfix U7 represents a high modulus silicone sealant and adhesive engineered with an acetoxy curing mechanism, tailored to meet the exacting standards of professional users. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, including those within the realms of sanitation and plumbing, across industrial, commercial, and domestic settings. This exceptional product is distinguished by its remarkable tooling properties and offers the vital characteristic of exceptional elasticity, ensuring resistance to shrinkage and cracking. Its versatility extends to strong adhe
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      Hodgson Sealants Metal Casement Putty is a custom-designed compound specifically intended for application in the glazing of steel frames.   Key Features • Premium hand-applied glazing compound of superior quality. • Formulated for easy paint application. • Best-selling Metal Casement putty in the UK. • Intended for outdoor application exclusively. • Remarkable ease of use and workability. • Demonstrates exceptional long-term performance. • Well-suited for application on primed steel and hardwoods. • A specifically designed glazing compound that se
  • £9.06 - £27.47 ex. VAT
    £9.06 - £27.47 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants Multipurpose Putty is a glazing compound that is applied by hand.   Key Features • A high-quality glazing compound applied by hand. • Remarkable working properties. • Well-suited for glazing into steel or hardwood frames. • Formulated for paint application after use. • Intended for exterior applications exclusively. • The leading Multipurpose Putty in the UK market. • Demonstrates excellent long-term performance. • Fully compliant with all pertinent industry standards.   Please be aware, that this is a non-stock item &
  • £13.08 - £42.05 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants Butyl 66 Glazing Compound is a hand-applied glazing compound enriched with butyl that does not set.   Key Features • Premium hand-applied glazing compound, non-setting, ideal for bead glazing. • Effortless application and smooth finishing. • Compliant with all pertinent industry standards for the installation of sealed units into both timber and steel frames. • Allows for subsequent painting. • Suitable for both internal and external applications. • Widely recognized as the best-selling butyl glazing compound in the UK. • Demonstrate
  • £58.55 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants Seamseal CV is a non-setting sealant specifically for metal joints.   Key Features • A high-performing bedding sealant utilizing a solvented release curing mechanism. • Strong adhesion to a broad spectrum of surfaces, particularly coated metals. • Remarkable application features, suitable for both manual application and use with air-operated guns. • Easy to tool and clean off, facilitated by Hodgson’s Caravan Sealant Cleaner. • Forms a dry, pliable surface after curing without developing a skin. • Exhibits outstanding resistance to va
  • £141.95 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Silfix U8 is a type of silicone sealant designed for use in the building envelope, which refers to the external structural elements of a building that are responsible for maintaining its integrity and protecting it from the elements. Here are some key features and characteristics of Silfix U8: Low modulus: The term "low modulus" in this context means that the silicone sealant has high flexibility and can accommodate movement in the building materials without cracking or losing adhesion. Neutral cure: Silfix U8 is a neutral cure silicone sealant, which means it release
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      Hodgson Sealants Intufire is a single-component, water-based sealant designed to be fire-resistant and possess acoustic properties. It is utilized to create a strong and flexible seal in joints within a diverse range of fire-rated structures, demanding fire resistance for up to 4 hours. Its unique intumescent characteristics prompt the sealant to expand and form a char when exposed to heat, effectively halting the dissemination of smoke and fire through the joint.   Key Features Excellent adherence to a variety of common building surfaces such as timber, plasterboard,
  • £167.94 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants Heritage Putty is a flexible, paintable putty based on hybrid polymer, designed for cartridge application. It is utilized for installing single glass, insulating glass units (IGUs), and reduced sightline units into frames made of softwood, hardwood, steel, and stone. Primarily used for glazing restoration and replacement in period properties, listed buildings, and conservation areas. For optimal and lasting outcomes, Heritage Putty should be used alongside IGUs that meet the Construction Products Regulations, have undergone independent testing, and comply with BS EN
  • £200.00 - £213.00 ex. VAT
    £200.00 - £213.00 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants HS45 is a single-component adhesive utilizing Hodgson Hybrid Polymer Technology, characterized by its neutral cure, high modulus, and lack of solvents. It's designed for moisture curing and boasts exceptional initial green strength, tack/grab, and adhesion, showcasing superior overall strength.   Key Features: • Exceptional initial tack/grab. • Free from Phthalates and other detrimental plasticizers. • Outstanding adhesion to most substrates without the need for a primer. • Rapid cure with high strength. • Cures without any tackiness. •
  • £131.72 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants HS20 is a high modulus adhesive and sealant, formulated as a single component utilizing moisture-curing technology. It's crafted with Hodgson Hybrid Polymer Technology and delivers exceptional performance suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications. HS20 exhibits excellent adhesion properties to various surfaces, including glass, timber, metals, brickwork, most plastics, and concrete, typically eliminating the need for a primer.   • A premium-grade high modulus adhesive and sealant. • Utilizes a neutral system, devoid of isocyanates and si
  • £61.25 ex. VAT
      Hodgson Sealants HY-SPEC CrystalSeal is a single-component, neutral-cure sealant and adhesive that boasts crystal-clear transparency, formulated with the innovative Hyspec Hybrid Technology. Once applied, CrystalSeal undergoes curing to become a remarkably elastic and long-lasting compound, making it an ideal choice for nearly all sealing and adhesive needs, especially when an inconspicuous, invisible joint is essential.   Boasts a crystal-clear formulation. Maintains permanent flexibility. Can be painted, allowing for customization*. Accommodates movement effec