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Mixed Cleaners

Mixed Cleaners
  • C-Tec Multisolve (Multi-Purpose Solvent)


    C-Tec Multisolve is a safe and fast multipurpose solvent degreaser that leaves no oily film. It is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that contains no recycled solvents. Multisolve is safe to use on a number of plastics and painted surfaces, plus vinyl and glass.

    When using MULTISOLVE, adequate ventilation is recommended at all times. 

    State at 20ºC: liquid

    Colour: colourless

    Boiling point/range: 140º C – 171º C

    Specific gravity : 0,740 – 0,750 @ 25º C

    Vapour Pressure : 1,0 Kpa @ 20º C

    Flash Point: +28ºC

    Spontaneous ignition: +210ºC


    Cleaning & degreasing mechanical parts, motors, brakes & suspensions.

    Cleaning of tools and workshop equipment – attacks no plastics.

    Helps to remove sticker & masking tape adhesive residues.

    C-Tec Multisolve dissolves the adhesive layer of double-sided adhesive tape.

    Removal of grease layers before re-lubricating, such as door hinges. Multisolve does not corrode the paint.

    Removal of trims and bumper strips without causing damage.

    Removal of tar and other coating stains.

    Finishing of joints sealed with CT1.

    Cleaning of paint and undercoat before spray-painting

    (Multisolve removes wax and also silicone, always use a 2 x cloth system).

    Cleaning of all surfaces before using CTec sealants & adhesives

    If you require further information, visit the C-Tec website

  • Everbuild Multi Use Wonder Wipes Spray


    Everbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Spray is the ideal cleaning solution for large surface areas. By applying the spray alongside Everbuild Paper Wipe Rolls or alternatively, Multi-Use Wonder Wipes. Wonder Wipes Spray is also ideal for keeping uPVC door and window frames looking immaculately clean. The solution used in this Spray bottle is identical to the same as that which our Multi-Use Wonder Wipes are soaked in, so you can rest assured it has the same cleaning power as the Nation’s No.1 Builders Wipe.


    – Contains a powerful anti-bacterial additive.
    – Works on most common substrates, tools and hands.
    – Ideal for all trades including painters, joiners and window installers


    – Do not use on porous surfaces such as untreated wood or concrete
    – Use as directed.
    – Store only in the original container


    Spray onto the area that you wish to clean and then wipe with Everbuild Paper Wipe Roll or a similar product. Use immediately on spills to obtain best results.

    Health & Safety

    Consult MSDS for the full list of hazards.

    Shelf Life

    24 months from date of manufacture

    The Everbuild Wonder Wipes range comes in a number of different options, which can all be found below on our website

    Everbuild Wonder Wipes (100 wipes)
    Everbuild Giant Wipes (300 wipes)
    Everbuild Monster Wipes (500 wipes)
    Everbuild Heavy-Duty Wonder Wipes (75 wipes)


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    For any further information on all Everbuild products, please visit their website here.

  • Everbuild PVCu Solvent Cleaner


    Everbuild PVCu Solvent Cleaner

    PVCu solvent cleaner removes ingrained dirt from PVCu and most plastics, restoring an “as new” look to old windows and plastic garden furniture.

    • Fast drying
    • Removes ingrained dirt.

    Areas For Use 
    • Cleaning all PVC window frames, trim etc and most plastic garden furniture.

    Apply and spread with a soft cloth, working well into the surface. Leave for 15 minutes and buff with a separate dry soft cloth.

  • FOSROC Galvafroid Thinners Cleaner 400ML Tin

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    Product Description

    FOSROC Galvafroid Thinners Cleaner is a zinc-rich coating formulated & designed as an easily applied, cold galvanising protector against corrosion on all types of ferrous metals. Galvafroid has a mid-grey, matt finish when cured

    Best Uses

    FOSROC Galvafroid Thinners Cleaner is formulated to provide galvanic protection on steel & iron. Galvafroid can be used as a self-finishing or as a durable, rust-inhibiting primer beneath selected topcoats. It is advised to be used for the protection of agricultural and construction plant and machinery, structural steelwork, railings, gates, iron pipework and guttering, and the rust prevention of in-situ welding work.


    – Protects ferrous metals against rust
    – Suitable to be used as a primer or self-finish
    – Easily applied, using either a brush or a roller


    All ferrous surfaces need to be clean and free from oil, grease, existing coatings & rust. This is best by either grit blasting or thorough wire brushing. Where required, Galvafroid Thinners can be used to increase durability or to enhance the appearance of steel or iron finishes. 

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    For any further info you may require on Fosroc products, feel free to visit their website here.

Sealant Cleaner

A key part of sealant application includes making the final result look seamless, which is where sealant cleaner comes in. Sealant cleaners can be used to both tidy a recently applied sealant and to prepare an area before any type of sealant is applied.

At Sealant Supplies Ltd, we provide a range of branded sealant cleaning products including liquid cleaners, wipes and sealant removers. As a one stop-shop for all things sealants, we stock a huge variety of products which are suitable for use in different environments.

Our background in supplying sealant products to market means we have an extensive understanding of the best brands and products. We understand there is a demand for efficient delivery, pricing and product range, therefore we have built our entire ethos around these key factors.

Sealant cleaners can be easily found via our website, however if there is a product you have in mind which you can’t see our website, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team and we will do our best to assist you.

You can feel confident when purchasing from our knowledgeable team, however if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Simply call us on 01708 525866 or email