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  • ha6-box-of-25

    Bond-It HA6 RVT Marine Silicone – Box of 25


    Bond-It HA6 RVT Marine Silicone is marine quality, automotive silicone sealant. It is unaffected by saltwater immersion and extreme temperature. This product is non-slumping in paste form.


    It is ideal for use on:
    – Glass
    – Ceramics
    – Anodised aluminium
    – Primed metals and timber
    – Many plastics


    Ensure all surfaces are dry and free from grease, oil or any other contaminants that may hinder adhesion.


    Apply Bond-It HA6 using a standard sealant gun. Cut the nozzle at a 45° angle with a sharp blade, making sure not to damage the thread. The nozzle should be cut to an opening slightly larger than the joint to be sealed. For sealing and bedding apply in the usual fashion and tool to a smooth finish one or two minutes after gunning. As an adhesive, bring the two surfaces together before skinning commences and do not stress the joint before the silicone has developed strength. Clean away any excess with white spirit.
    When using in aquarium assembly, please refer to separate sheet for instructions which can be downloaded from our website.

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    For any further information you may need on Bond-it, please visit their website here.

    For alternative products please see below, options like CT1 are available.

  • ct1-sealant

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive

    £12.95 £10.99

    CT1 Sealant and Adhesive

    The One-Stop Product for all Sealing and Bonding

    CT1 is a construction adhesive that will never shrink or crack and can be structured and painted with any type of paint. Unlike other sealants, CT1 can be applied onto wet surfaces, making it ideal for use underwater in marine projects.

    Due to its ability to work with water, it is also the ideal product to seal baths and shower trays, windows, doors, roofing and guttering. CT1 Sealant and Adhesive is extremely versatile and is often used across multiple different projects by tradespeople. Available in a range of colours, simply select from the drop-down menu: Clear, Black, Brown, Grey, White, Silver, Oak and Beige. For a wide range of internal sealant colours please refer to Mapesil AC.

    As an adhesive, CT1 will create a formidable bond between any substrate, for instance, metals, glass, mirror, fibreglass, plastics, and stone, concrete, the list is endless. CT1 is often the first port of call for a tradesperson looking for a reliable construction adhesive. Above all, the adhesive to use for a multitude of applications is CT1, creating a permanent bond that will resist extreme loads, pressure and tensile strain.

    Order online today, discounts available and trade and credit account options via our website.

  • EB25 Ultimate Sealant & Construction Adhesive – Box of 12


    Everbuild launched EB25 Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive in 2019 to celebrate their 25th year supplying cost-effective and reliable sealants.

    Covering a huge range of applications, sealant and adhesive areas, this versatile product is a suitable option for a variety of projects. It is a polymer blend sealant giving it additional flexibility and bonding strength you can rely on in any circumstance. Due to the technologies within the product, it can be used for both internal and external projects and is also durable in different weather and under-water environments.

    EB25is also certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals and more

    We provide EB25 by Everbuild in the full colour range, which includes: Black, White and Grey. Also, Crystal Clear that remains crystal clear and does not fog like similar products.

    Substrates that EB25 bonds to include:

    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Stone
    • Ceramic
    • Tile
    • Plastic
    • Glass


    Bonding & sealing in almost every application imaginable, including, but not limited to:

    • External and internal pointing around doors and windows.
    • Bonding mirrors to most common substrates.
    • Sealing vertical expansion joints.
    • Jointing cladding panels.


    All surfaces must be clean and dust-free. Surfaces may be damp but have no standing water. Therefore, it can be used underwater, but adhesion performance is reduced so should be applied as an emergency repair in these conditions only.

    For all other Everbuild products on our website, please click here. For general sealing, please see our DIY section and select the area you require.

    For any further information you require on Everbuild products, please visit their website here. This product is Everbuild’s equivalent of the CT1 range and can be used like for like.


  • Ral-Colour-Sealant

    EVT Natural Stone HPM


    Elastic single-component silicone sealant for indoor and outdoor use in contact to marble and natural stone, with 25% maximum movement tolerance. Neutral curing

    2 Week Delivery Time.

    Special properties

    • elastic silicone-based sealant
    • no plasticizer migration on absorbent substrates
    • optimized tooling properties
    • low odour formulation
    • ageing and weather-resistant, good UV resistance
    • compatible with paints
    • good adhesion also on metals, compatible with copper
    • with fungicide

    Fields of application

    For sealing joints and connecting joints in contact with marble and natural stone.

    EVT Natural Stone HPM must not be used in aquarium construction, as mirror adhesive and in areas with direct food contact.

    In underwater applications, especially accurate tooling is necessary (preparation of substrate; often primer necessary). Underwater joints must be checked in suitable time intervals and have to be reworked if necessary.

    Not suited for plastics within general poor adhesion to silicones (eg PE, PP, PET).

    Usage instructions

    Substrate pretreatment

    The substrate must be dry, firm, and free of dust and grease (clean with isopropanol, if necessary). Porous substrates (e.g. concrete, plasterboard and untreated wood) must be primed. Before primer application, remove any cement slurry, mould release agents or impregnations. In renovation projects, old sealant remains of paint and loose material must be fully removed. On coated substrates (paints, lacquers), compatibility to the sealant must be tested.

    The joint must always be provided with a suitable, correctly dimensioned joint backing (e.g. PE cord, rock wool) to prevent adhesion on three faces. To avoid contamination and to achieve a precise joint, we recommend masking the joint edges with adhesive tape before primer application and filling – especially when working with marble / natural stone.


    Joint dimensions

    Joint dimensions should be at least 5 x 5 mm for indoor and 10 x 8 mm (width x depth) for outdoor applications. With increasing joint width (up to 30 mm), joint depth should be roughly half the joint width. Make sure that triangular bevels have uniform sides of equal length with at least 7 mm bonding surface on each side.


    After applying the sealant with a suitable manual, battery-powered or pneumatic caulking gun, the sealant can be smoothed in the joint with water or with a neutral, non-staining water- based smoothing agent and a suitable tool (e.g. jointing trowel). Smoothing is not only recommended for optical reasons, but also establishes close contact and good adhesion to the substrate. Remove excess smoothing agent (risk of schlieren). Any adhesive tape used should be removed immediately after smoothing. We recommend the FS caulking gun and FS jointing trowel.


    Important remarks

    The function of the sealant can only be guaranteed if correctly applied in accordance with the technical recommendations given in this data sheet and in related standards. Sealant application in situations with strongly fluctuating temperatures (premature stressing of the sealant) must be avoided.

    The sealant is compatible with many paints and lacquers. Owing to a large number of different coating systems on the market, own tests concerning adhesion and compatibility have to be performed prior to application. For example, it is known that alkyd resin-based paints may give discolouration in combination with neutral curing silicones. The sealant is not overpaintable,

    Especially on powder-coated substrates, adhesion has to be tested carefully, since it can be affected negatively depending on the coating used (may even vary for different colours of the same brand of powder coating).

    In contact with bituminous, tar- or plasticizer-releasing substrates (eg EPDM, neoprene, butyl), discolouration and/or loss of adhesion may occur.

    Good ventilation must be provided during application and curing to allow curing by-products to evaporate. Low temperatures, low humidities and joint depths above 15 mm can retard skin formation and cure significantly.

    Exposure to liquid (eg acid-based cleaning agents, strongly coloured liquids) or gaseous chemicals (eg. tobacco smoke) for longer periods can result in discolouration of the product, especially for light colours (white). In general, the mechanical properties of the sealant are not adversely affected.

    Products with fungicide give additional protection against the mould to the joint. But, they can not supersede good housekeeping: It’s essential to keep the joint clean, dry and free from substances, that may serve as nutrition medium (eg soap residues, skin scales).

  • Sika Sikaflex 221


    Sika Sikaflex 221 is a high-quality multi-purpose non-sag, polyurethane sealant that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity to form a durable elastomer.


    – 1-C formulation
    – Elastic
    – Low odour
    – Resistant to ageing
    – Non-corrosive
    – Can be painted
    – NSF-approved for incidental food contact.


    It is temporarily resistant to fuels, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats and oils. However, it is not immune to organic acids, alcohol, concentrated mineral acids and caustic solutions or solvents. Furthermore, any advice on specific applications will be given on request.


    Surface preparation

    Surfaces must be free from all traces of grease and dust.
    Above all, if you need any advice on specific applications, then contact the Technical Service Department of Sika Industry.


    The paint must be tested for compatibility by carrying out preliminary trials, and the best results are obtained if the sealant is allowed to cure thoroughly first, especially in the case of baked enamels. Therefore, please note that non-flexible paint systems may impair the elasticity of the adhesive, impair joint movement and lead to cracking of the paint film.

    PVC based paints and paints that dry by oxidation (oil or alkyd resin-based) are generally not suitable for application over Sikaflex -221.

    For all other Sika products on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you require on Sika products, please visit their website here.

  • Soudal Aquafix – All Weather Sealant


    Soudal Aquafix – All Weather Sealant

    Soudal Aquafix is an all-weather sealant is an adhesive sealant that bonds to a huge range of surfaces and materials, even when damp or underwater.

    Ideal for use in emergency repairs or as a general sealant, Aquafix can be overpainted after curing and is UV and weathering resistant. This product can be used in many different areas for different application types, from sealing to adhering, it is an all-round sealant.

    Applications for Aquafix:

    We have a number of tools on our website that would assist with the application of this product. We would recommend using a PC Cox Skeleton Gun to apply & a Bond-it Tooling Kit to aid in providing a professional finish.

    • All usual building substrates including Wood, Metals, Polycarbonate, Plastics, Brick, Concrete, MDF and Glass.*
    • Repair of leaks.
    • UV Resistant.
    • Easy to apply and tool
    • Solvent Based
    • Adheres underwater
    • Good slump resistance
    • 10% Movement Accommodation

    * Do not apply to PVC, PE, PP, PTFE and Bituminous substrates.

    For more information on Aquafix or the sealants we have available simply browse our website, or to speak to a member of our team simply email and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • fix-all-high-tack-sealant

    Soudal Fix All High Tack



    Fix ALL® High Tack: The perfect product if you are in search of a sealant-glue with an EXTREMELY HIGH INITIAL TACK as well as good sealing qualities.

    Features & Benefits

    • Extremely High Green Strength = fixed after 1 sec!
    • Can be painted immediately after application, even with water-based paints.
    • Easy to apply in all conditions
    • Bonds even onto humid surfaces
    • UV stable
    • Does not smell
    • Solvent-free
    • Cures fast
    • No primer needed
    • Available in 6 colours: white, grey, beige, brown, black and alu-grey


    Fix ALL® High tack is the perfect product for every heavy-duty bonding application such as:

    • Bonding of very heavy materials
    • Repairing leaks (even underwater)
    • Bonding of paintings and mirrors to walls
    • And many more!

Marine Sealants

Our range of marine sealants provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for trade and domestic customers. We have tried and tested all of the solutions we provide via our website, ensuring our customers only benefit from the best marine sealants on the market.

We also regularly review the products we have available to our customers, adding to our product list where possible to expand our offering of marine sealants. Whatever your requirements, our specialist team are here to help. We often source products for our customers, as part of our ethos is to go above and beyond in terms of customer service.

Marine sealants aren’t a cheap investment and so, it is important to research and review a range of different sealants before making a selection for your project. However, as we only stock reputable and reliable brands, you can feel confident when purchasing marine sealants from us.

Alongside specialist sealants, we also provide a range of tools and accessories which can assist with seamless application; therefore, we like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for everything sealants. All of our products can be purchased directly via our website, with specialist discounts available for trade and bulk orders.

However, if you would like to speak to a member of our team simply call us on 01708 525 866 or email and we will be in touch as soon as possible.