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tank and silo

  • Sikaflex TS Plus – Concrete Grey (Tank & Silo) – Box of 20


    Sikaflex TS Plus is a sealant designed for sealing steel containers built in sections. An example of this is steel or stainless steel tanks, soil tanks and general tanks. Sikaflex TS Plus has a resistant to liquid manure and suitable for sealing domestic sewage systems.

    Characteristics / Advantages

    • Domestic sewage, liquid manure and numerous chemical resistance.
    • Sika TS Plus has a high tear strength
    • High Modulus Sealant (less stretchy but more hardwearing)
    • Movement capability of 15%
    • Seawater resistant
    • Resistant to some diluted acids (contact Sika for more information)
    • Services in temperatures between -40°C to +70°C


    Ensure the surface is clean and dry, free from any debris or lose articles. Sika suggest a very light abrasion with an abrasive pad on nonporous surfaces, to improve the adhesion and overall performance.
    On non-porous substrates, for example, aluminium, anodised aluminium, powder-coated metals, galvanised steel, stainless steel or glazed tiles. Follow the preparation procedure of having clean and pre-treated joints using Sika Aktivator-205.

    Metals like copper, brass, titanium-zinc etc. have to be cleaned and pre-treated with Sika Aktivator-205 by using a clean towel. After a flash-off time >15 minutes, apply Sika Primer-3 N by using a brush and allow a flash-off time >30 minutes (max. 8 hours) before sealing.

    This product is applied using a 600ml barrel gun. On our site, we can supply either a PC Cox or Soudal branded barrel gun.

    Sikaflex TS Plus Approvals / Standards

    ISEGA Certificate for foodstuff. Conforms to DIBT for wastewater. Sikaflex TS Plus meets the requirements of Regulation 31 (4)(b) of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 – For further information, please see the technical datasheet.

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