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  • Mapei Fugolastic – Various Sizes



    Fugolastic main purpose is as a substitute for water to mix the cement based grouts in the Keracolor range. This helps to improve the grout adhesion and mechanical strength, and to reduce the porosity and absorption.



    Fugolastic is a water dispersion of synthetic polymers, that when mixed with cement based products for grouting ceramic tiles, enhances them with the following properties:
    • Improved compactness and greater abrasion resistance.
    • Optimum hydration of the cement based binder, and improved adhesion to the edge of tiles.
    • Less porosity and less absorption meaning cleaning the grout is easier.

    Fugolastic can be safely mixed with all Keracolor colours and grain sizes without affecting the colour.


    For more information about Mapei and their products, please visit their website here.

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    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.

  • Mapei Keracolor SF 5KG



    Keracolor SF is a super fine, high performance cementitious grout, polymer modified, for joints up to 4 mm.


    Keracolor SF is a blend of cement, fine-grained inert materials, synthetic resins, special admixtures and pigments. Keracolor SF is characterised by its unique rheological behaviour, making it particularly suitable for grouting narrow tile joints. When mixed with water in the proportions recommended and correctly applied, it forms a grouting mortar with the following characteristics: • good compressive and flexural strength and good resistance to freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore optimum durability; • smooth, compact finished surface with a very fine grain structure, with low water absorbency and therefore easy cleaning;

    • excellent resistance to abrasion;

    • low shrinkage rate, therefore free of cracks and crevices;

    • good resistance to acids with pH > 3;

    • excellent cost-performance ratio. By mixing Keracolor SF with Fugolastic, a special synthetic resin-based polymeric admixture, its final characteristics are further improved, and it reaches a level of strength that makes it suitable for even the most severe in-service conditions (grouting façades, swimming pools, bathrooms and even floors subject to heavy traffic). Keracolor SF and Fugolastic admix may also be used for grouting joints in marble to be polished after laying. For further information, please refer to the Fugolastic Technical Data Sheet.

    Please be advised that Kercolor SF is a non-stock item & extended lead times are advised


    Matching silicone available here. Application guns found here.

    For more information on this product, visit the Mapei website here.

  • Mapei Keraquick XL Fibrelite 15kg



    Keraquick XL Fibrelite is a fibre reinforced high yield, cement based, rapid setting, adhesive for both interior and exterior use. Suitable for installing porcelain, ceramic and natural stone materials. Suitable for fixing tiles up to 1500 x 1500mm.

    Keraquick XL Fibrelite is a powder composed of a special mix of cements that are comprised of selectively graded aggregates, synthetic resins, fibres and setting accelerators. These together, develop a high bond strength after only 90 minutes from setting. This enables floor installations to be completed quickly as they can be walked over after 90 minutes, and general foot traffic after 12 hours. When hardened, Keraquick XL Fibrelite is frost and water resistant.


    For more information about Mapei and their products, please visit their website here.

    For our full Mapei range, click here. For more in our Adhesive range, click here.

    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.


  • Mapei Keralastic Grey – Various Sizes



    Keralastic is a high performance, two-component, polyurethane adhesive for the installation of ceramic, porcelain, natural and agglomerate stone tiles & mosaics on interior and exterior walls and floors.

    Suitable for the interior and exterior bonding of wall and floor ceramic tiles, as well as stone material mosaics, etc. Other substrates include;
    • screeds, renders, concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, PVC, reinforced polyester, fibre-cement, gypsum, gypsum board, gypsum panels, etc.

    Keralastic is a two-component, solvent and water free adhesives that are both flexible and waterproof. Made up of a polyurethane base and a special hardener, on mixing the two components together, you get a paste with the following properties:
    • good workability;
    • excellent durability and resistance to ageing;
    • great adhesion to a range of surfaces used in building;
    • hardens by chemical reaction and without shrinkage;
    • high deformability;



    For more information about Mapei and their products, please visit their website here.

    For our full Mapei range, click here. For more in our Accelerators & Admixtures range, click here.


    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.

  • Mapei Mapegum WPS – Various Sizes



    Mapegum WPS is a liquid waterproofing membrane for interior surfaces. Not suitable for continual immersion in water or areas that are subject to rising damp.

    Mapegum WPS is a ready-to-use, single component, solvent-free, grey coloured paste, with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion. Mapegum WPS has a thixotropic consistency. This makes it easy to apply on all surfaces, especially those that are horizontal, sloping or vertical. After the quick evaporation of the water content, Mapegum WPS forms a flexible membrane which is non sticky, and strong enough to withstand light pedestrian traffic. It also creates an excellent surface that bonds perfectly to adhesives specifically used for laying ceramics, marble and natural stones.


    Mapegum WPS’s flexibility enables it to withstand normal expansion and contraction movements of the surface, due to variations in temperature and vibrations. Thanks to its flexibility, it acts as an anti-fracture membrane for substrates subject to light cracking.

    Mapegum WPS is resistant to water, limewater (pH > 12), and water that contains chlorides, and normal household detergents and cleaning products.


    For more information about Mapei and their products, please visit their website here.

    For our full Mapei range, click here. For more in our range of Adhesives, click here.


    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.

  • Mapei – Mapeflex Firestop 1200 – Box of 12



    Mapeflex Firestop 1200 °C is a one-component, asbestos-free, quick-setting, rigid, silicate refractory fire resistant sealing grout, high temperatures and fumes.
    Ideal for making rigid seals in chimneys, ovens, radiators, barbecues, flues and fire-break walls. Also suitable for pointing or for installation layers on refractory bricks when building or carrying out maintenance work on elements in continuous, permanent contact with flames or heat up to +1200°C, with temporary peak temperatures up to +1600°C.


    Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is a soft paste in emulsion which forms rigid grout when the water contained in it has evaporated off. When large quantities are applied, fresh
    paste on the hardened layer may be required. Mapeflex FireStop 1200°C must be applied and left to dry at room temperature and then the substrate must be gradually heated up after at least 24 hours at +23°C.

    Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is a rigid, non-deformable sealant, Similarly to grout, it is made from sodium silicate and special mineral fillers and is completely free of hazardous toxic substances, such as asbestos.
    When fully hardened, Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is a class A1 non-combustible product according to EN 13501.

    When Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C comes into contact with fire or heat it does not increase in volume.

    Mapeflex Firestop 1200°C is odourless and contains no solvents.


    Do not apply in these conditions , for instance;

    –  On dusty or crumbly surfaces.
    – Surfaces with stagnant water or with capillary rising damp.
    –  Joints that are subject to cyclical movements.
    – Or use on surfaces exposed to frequent contact with rainwater or high levels of humidity.

    Other recommendations –

    – Wear protective gloves and goggles when handling the product.
    – Remove traces of excess sealant immediately after smoothing it over with a damp sponge.
    – Different masses in the first volume of product extruded do not compromise the efficiency of the sealant.



    Find application guns here. alternatively, Firestop 700


    Matching silicone available here.

    For more information on this product, visit the Mapei website here.

  • Mapei Latex Plus – Various Sizes



    Latex Plus is a latex admixture for use with NIVORAPID and PLANIPATCH. When mixed together it provides fast-setting levelling/smoothing compounds, with high flexibility for interior surfaces.

    Latex Plus is a water dispersion of a highly flexible polymer with low viscosity. Mix with Keraquick S1 or Nivorapid in order to improve their deformability, thus improving their application and performance characteristics.



    For more information about Mapei and their products, please visit their website here.

    For our full Mapei range, click here. For more in our Accelerators & Admixtures range, click here.

    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.

  • Mapesil LM – Box of 12


    Mapesil LM is a low-modulus, solvent-free sealant, formulated for sealing all materials that are sensitive to acids and plasticizing agents, marble, granite, sandstone and quartz. Due to the chemical nature, which deters surface bleeding or the migration of plasticizing agents which would stain the surface.

    The characteristics of the product also make it suitable for particularly delicate substrates, such as cellular concrete, brickwork and varnished or enamelled wood.

    It is also ideal for contact with absorbent mineral surfaces such as concrete, renders and fibre-cement.

    Performs well in treated water typically found in swimming pools.


    Mapesil LM is a solvent-free, one-component, neutral-cure silicone sealant which does not emit unpleasant odours, available in the form of a thixotropic paste. The product will remain flexible from a temperature range of between -40°C and +150°C. Mapesil LM delays the formation of surface mould. Mapesil LM offers good resistance to chemical agents. However, because of the wide range of products and service conditions, if in doubt carry out preliminary tests beforehand.

    Mapesil LM bonds perfectly to most types of substrate used in the building industry without applying a primer beforehand (glass, ceramic, marble, aluminium, zinc-plated sheet metal, concrete, stainless steel and PVC).

    If in doubt, please contact the MAPEI Technical Services Department or carry out preliminary tests beforehand. Mapesil LM is suitable for substrates sensitive to acids, whereas conventional neutral or acid sealants normally provoke changes in colour or staining of the substrate.



    For optimum application, use with a PC Cox Easiflow Skeleton Mastic Applicator Gun, and finish with the Bond It Professional 4 Part Sealant Applicator Tool Kit for a smooth neat finish.

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    For any further information on Mapei products, please visit their website here.


  • Mapei Keracolor Flex 5kg



    Keracolor Flex is an improved, cementitious grout with water repellent properties and high abrasion resistance.

    Keracolor Flex is a blend of specially selected hydraulic binders with fine graded aggregates, polymers, additives and colourants. High-quality hydrophobic additives enhance the grout’s technical performance imparting water repellent properties to the surface. This reduces dirt pickup and increases the grout’s durability and longevity.

    When mixed and applied correctly to the joints, the following properties are obtained:
    • water repellent surfaces;
    • joint widths from 1-6mm
    • good compressive & flexural strengths
    • good resistance to freeze & thaw cycles
    • gently textured surface with a low water absorption
    • excellent abrasion resistance
    • good resistance to thermal change and vibration
    • can be used on heated floors
    • for use on tiled finishes over wooden substrates
    • resistance to oils, solvents & alkaline cleaning materials

    Keracolor Flex can be mixed with Mapei’s Fugolastic to further improve the grout’s performance. This high-quality polymer additive can effectively enhance the characteristics of the grout when used on balconies and facades, which can face harsh weather conditions. This also makes it ideal for leisure pools with wave machines or in external locations. For further information, refer to
    the Fugolastic technical datasheet.

    Note: when adding Fugolastic, the grout may appear darker than when mixed with water.



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    For more information on Mapei, you can visit their website here.

  • Mapei Waterproof Fix & Grout – Various Sizes



    Mapei Waterproof Fix & Grout is a white, mould resistant, ready mixed adhesive and grout specifically for walls. For use in wet and dry areas. Suitable for both ceramic tiles and porcelain.


    Waterproof Fix & Grout is an aqueous dispersion based adhesive containing mould resistant BioBlock Technology. It is a viscous paste that can be trowelled easily on vertical surfaces. Once positioned, the tiles remain in place due to its excellent grab and slip resistant properties. It sets as the water it contains evaporates, forming an extremely strong bond between the tile and the substrate. It’s resistant to the vibrations found in domestic dwellings. As a grout, it is water resistant for application on walls in kitchens and bathrooms.



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    For more information on Mapei, you can visit their website here.

  • The Kitchen & Bathroom Kit



    The Kitchen & Bathroom Kit

    Your hassle free solution to sealing your room to perfection.

    Containing 5 essential tools, this kit will take you from start to finish to ensure the most efficient job is done, all at a great price!

    Each kit includes:

    Everbuild Sealant Strip-Out Tool – A unique patented tool that works on any sealant and is the ideal partner for use before applying Forever White silicone sealant. The Strip-Out Tool is incredibly simple, and its design and shape provide a speedy way to strip all types of sealant out of any 90° angle joint.

    Bond-It Snip Off Cartridge Cutter – Ideal for anyone using silicone sealants that needs to take the nipple off to use the cartridge. The cutter itself gives you plenty of protection when using, making it a lot safer and easier to use over a blade. You can use it to cut the nozzles to the correct angle of application in a very safe and easy action, and the blades are designed to be replaced.

    2 x Mapei Mapesil AC – A high quality, mould resistant sealant, which is ideal for internal use but can also be used in external applications. Available in 40 colours meaning there will be a shade for every job!

    PC Cox Easiflow Skeleton Applicator Gun (colours may vary) – Used by the sealant applicator professionals, and due to its low cost and robust build, it is ideal for anyone thinking about doing DIY. The PC Cox gun handles cartridges up to 400ml. Its standard design and lightweight yet sturdy construction, have made this gun the industry standard for many years.

    Bont-It 4 Part Sealant Applicator Kit – A durable and handy kit for use with a range of mastic sealants. Suitable for smoothing and finishing, both internally and externally, in hard to reach areas, such as behind bath taps and corner areas. This sealant applicator kit can also be used to create recessed joints, perfectly flush joints and tidy fillet sealant joints with any type of mastic sealant.


    (A saving of £8.86 compared to buying all items separately)


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  • Mapei Mapegrip D1 – Various Sizes



    Mapegrip D1 is a ready mixed adhesive paste for internal wall tiling for most ceramic tiles and mosaics. It has a non-slip quality with high initial grab, and an extended open time. Suitable for domestic kitchens, bathrooms and showers. Not suitable for commercial use.

    Mapegrip D1 is an adhesive in water dispersion on synthetic resins, selective graded minerals and various additives. Mapegrip D1 is a ready-to-use paste that is easily applied with a trowell, with good high initial grab.
    It’s thixotropic properties make it perfect for installing wall tiles without slippage. Once set, Mapegrip D1 has a strong high bond, and is sufficiently deformable for moderate vibration and deformation of building materials.



    For more information about Mapei and their products, please visit their website here.

    For our full Mapei range, click here. For more in our range of Grouts, click here.


    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.

Mapei Silicone Sealants

Mapei silicone sealants are mold and mildew-resistant suitable for interior and exterior applications. The sealant is solvent-free which is ideal for use underwater. It is also available in a variety of colours and transparent to match the Mapei coloured grouts.

This range of sealants is suitable for use on glass, anodised aluminium, and ceramic. For effective results, combine it with a bonding enhancer. The Mapei range of sealants is highly elastic and can be used for expansion of joints up to ± 25%.

The sealants also have excellent durability and can weather long use as well as exposure to different elements. Their thermal stability allows use at -40°C to +180°C. For best results, after application, finish off with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water before the sealant forms a film.

Mapei Mapesil Silicone can be used for a wide variety of applications. These include sealing joints in floor and wall coverings both ceramic and cemented, sealing joints between sinks, ceramic tiles, and sanitary ware, sealing swimming pool expansion joints, and sealing window and door frame glazing among others.

These sealants are a single component and acetic cross-linking variety. Being a thixotropic paste, the sealant is also easily trowelable vertically and horizontally. The sealant works by cross linking and forming an elastic product after exposure to humidity. The resulting product is waterproof, highly elastic, chemical resistant, and easily workable.