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  • ct1-sealant

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive

    £12.95 £10.99

    CT1 Sealant and Adhesive

    The One-Stop Product for all Sealing and Bonding

    CT1 is a construction adhesive that will never shrink or crack, and it can be structured and painted with any type of paint. When applying conventional sealants, the surfaces have to be dry. As a sealant, CT1 can be applied onto wet surfaces, even underwater.

    It is also the perfect product to seal baths and showers, windows, doors, roofs, gutters, virtually anything. Available in a range of colours, simply select from the drop-down menu: Clear, Black, Brown, Grey, White, Silver, Oak and Beige. For a wide range of internal sealant colours please refer to Mapesil AC.

    In other words, it is the only product on the market that is 100% ecologically compliant. As an adhesive, CT1 will create a formidable bond between virtually any materials also acting as a construction adhesive that will successfully bond all building materials. For instance, metals, glass, mirror, fibreglass, plastics, and stone, concrete, the list is endless.

    Above all, the adhesive to use for a multitude of applications is CT1, creating a permanent bond that will resist extreme loads, pressure and tensile strain.

    Will successfully bond

    • Polystyrene
    • Metals (including lead)
    • Glass – Special mirror adhesive can be found here.
    • Mirrors
    • All Woods
    • Plastics (excluding Polypropylene)
    • Fibreglass
    • Tiles
    • Concrete
    • Most Stones (without staining)
    • Most Synthetic Materials

    Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. Therefore, CT1 is the ultimate solution for interior and exterior bonding and sealing.

    • Excellent resistance to chemicals
    • UV resistant
    • Perfect for marine and boating maintenance, accident and emergency repairs
    • Odourless
    • Does not shrink
    • Can be painted
    • Contains no solvents
    • No isocyanates
    • Unique flexibility
    • 8 colours to choose from Black, Brown, Grey, White, Oak, Clear, Beige and Silver. For further information on this product, please visit the CT1 website here.
  • EB25-Everbuild

    EB25 Ultimate Sealant & Construction Adhesive – Box of 12


    EB25 has been launched in 2019 to celebrate their 25 years of Everbuild.

    EB25 is the Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive, covering the broadest range of application, sealant and adhesive areas. It is a polymer blend sealant giving it additional flexibility and bonding strength you can rely on in any situation. The makeup of this product allows the sealant to be used both internally and externally, in most weather conditions and can be used underwater. Everbuild have had EB25 certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals and more

    Colours – Black, White and Grey. Also, Crystal Clear that remains crystal clear and does no fog like similar products.

    Substrates that EB25 bonds to:

    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Stone
    • Ceramic
    • Tile
    • Plastic
    • Glass


    Everbuild brings you their best ever sealant and adhesive – EB25, to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Using the most cutting-edge technology and an exclusive polymer blend, our R&D team has developed a truly universal, top quality hybrid. Therefore, it is incredibly flexible, certified for indoor and outdoor use, and in sanitary and food preparation areas (ISEGA). Plus, it’s powerful, sticks to just about anything and even works when applied underwater! Once cured, it’s resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals, petrol, UV radiation, plus it does all this while being environmentally friendly.


    Bonding & sealing in almost every application imaginable. The following are just some examples: As a high-quality nail replacement adhesive, even to damp surfaces.

    – External and internal pointing around doors and windows.
    – Bonding mirrors to most common substrates.
    – Sealing vertical expansion joints.
    – Jointing cladding panels.


    All surfaces must be clean and dust-free. Surfaces may be damp but have no standing water. Therefore, it can be used underwater, but adhesion performance is reduced so should be applied as an emergency repair in these conditions only.

    For all other Everbuild products on our website, please click here. For general sealing, please see our DIY section and select the area you require.

    For any further information you require on Everbuild products, please visit their website here.

    This product is Everbuild’s equivalent of the CT1 range and can be used like for like.


  • everbuild-carpet-fix-spray

    Everbuild Carpet Fix Spray Adhesive



    Everbuild Carpet Fix Spray is a sprayable high tack adhesive that fixes P.U, and foam-backed carpet tiles, carpets, underlay, paper felt and cork to most common substrates.


    Fixing most common types of PU and foam-backed carpets to most common surfaces.

    – Fixing carpet tiles.
    – Bonding metals to most surfaces.
    – Bonds rubber, most plastics and leather
    – As a general-purpose household/hobby adhesive


    – Excellent adhesion – a fast rate of tack development.
    – No messy spreading/clean up.
    – Time-saving- Everbuild Carpet Fix Spray is easier and quicker than most trowel/spreader applied adhesives.

    – Foaming formula – gives deep soak in into most substrates.
    – Halogen and CFC Free.
    – Repositionable.



    The surfaces to be glued should be clean and free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Materials should be stored in a warm environment prior to bonding in order to avoid chilling of the glue line, which leads to extended setting times.


    Shake the can well before use. Select the fan width by turning the nozzle to the desired position. Spray the adhesive from 6-8 inches (15 to 20 cm approx.) away onto one or both surfaces; depending on the type of substrate/strength of bond required.


    – Do not use to fix vinyl tiles.
    – Do not use on polystyrene. Use EVERBUILD GUN A NAIL
    – Do not use on cellulose painted surfaces

    – Medium strength adhesive, do not use on heavily trafficked/industrial areas.

    For all other adhesive’s on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you may require on Everbuild products, please visit their website here.

  • sika-everbuild-multi-stick

    Everbuild Multi-Stick MS

    £4.50 £3.00

    Everbuild Multi-Stick MS is the ultimate adhesive. The first of its kind being a specifically formulated hybrid polymer, specially created for the Trade. It is uniquely packed in a plastic 350ml cartridge. This superior adhesive can bond anything in both dry and wet conditions and even in areas completely submerged in water. In addition to that, it has an amazingly high bond & strong instant grab and has limitless benefits across a whole range of applications. In other words, every tradesperson should have this tube in their arsenal.


    – Everbuild Multi-Stick is a high-quality nail replacement adhesive, even to damp surfaces
    – Bonding mirrors to most common substrates
    – Jointing cladding panels
    – Bonding difficult materials
    – Any application requiring high performance, durable bonding


    – Internal and External use
    – Fast curing
    – Virtually odourless
    – Excellent break off and tooling
    – Waterproof
    – Weather-resistant
    – Chemical resistant


    – Surfaces must be dry and free from dust, grease, loose material. This will, therefore, ensure the product will perform best.
    – Prime dusty surfaces before use. For instance, use Everbuild 501 PVA Bond, diluted 1:4 with water and allow to dry.
    – Use a standard sealant gun to apply, cut the tip of the cartridge, apply nozzle and cut an opening to suit.


    – Fix the nozzle to the cartridge, cut aperture to the required width and apply with a standard sealant gun.
    – Heavier items should always be provided with temporary support until the adhesive dries. In other words, do not use this product alone on such items.
    – Bonding of lightweight objects, such as covings, dado rails & skirting, the adhesive should be applied to the back of item in one or two continuous beads and press immediately into place.
    – Where gap filling is required, mark the areas where there is a significant gap and apply a thicker bead.


    Clean up excess adhesive immediately with a cloth/white spirits, similarly if you get the product on unwanted areas.


    – Heavier items should be provided with temporary support until the adhesive has dried.
    – In areas of high UV, darkening & discolouration may occur. This does not affect performance.
    – Overpaintability: check compatibility with specific paint first before overpainting large areas
    – Not for use as part of a glazing system.
    – Do not for use in aquarium manufacture.

    For all other adhesives on our website, please click here.

    For further information, please visit the Everbuild website here.

  • gun-a-nail

    Everbuild Standard Gun A Nail

    £5.99 £2.49

    Everbuild Standard Gun A Nail is a high strength, multi-purpose, gap-filling building adhesive that is solvent free & can be used in a wide variety of building and home improvement applications. Everbuild Standard Gun A Nail can be used where at least one of the substrates to be bonded is porous.


    – Bonding dado rails, architrave and skirting.
    – Fixing cladding direct to internal timber battens & wall services.
    – Fixing battens directly onto walls without fastenings.
    – Bonding carpet grippers without the need for nails or tacks.
    – Bonding stair nosing.


    – Solvent-free – environmentally friendly.
    – Excellent bond/adhesion strength – adheres to almost all common surfaces.
    – Exceptional early grab properties – suitable for both vertical and horizontal positions.
    – High solids formulation.
    – Extended open time.
    – Will adhere to damp surfaces.
    – Water clean up – no hazardous solvents.



    The surfaces to be glued should be free from dust, grease and other contaminants. Wood, plaster and brick may be damp but not soaking wet.


    Apply Everbuild Standard Gun A Nail to one side either in strips or daubs. Simultaneously apply pressure to achieve an even bond once the object is positioned in place. If the object is wrongly positioned, slide it to the correct position.

    Finally, apply maximum pressure for a short time.


    – Do not use in situations where both surfaces are non-porous (e.g. plastic/plastic – metal/metal) – use Everbuild Gun A Nail Extra
    – Use Everbuild Mirrormate for Mirror applications



    All products are tested in laboratory conditions & that is what all tech data is based upon. Actual measured data may vary.

    For further information on this product, please visit the Everbuild website here.

  • illbruck-ot015-box

    illbruck OT015 High Tack Membrane Adhesive – Box of 12


    illbruck OT015 is a high strength, high tack adhesive which is primarily used for bonding ME220 EPDM Membrane to itself & to typical construction surfaces, such as metal, zinc, metal, plated metal, wood, PVC-U, and other non-porous materials. The resulting connection provides excellent resistance to ageing, temperature changes and is waterproof.

    Area of application

    – Perfect for the bonding of ME220 EPDM membranes in facade installations
    – Cured adhesive has excellent resistance to the ageing effects of UV exposure
    – Adhesive accommodates a wide range in temperatures – from -20°C up to +80°C
    – Easy, clean, fast and precise application


    illbruck OT015 is a paste adhesive, made from a blend of synthetic rubber and resin.


    – Always carry out a small area test to confirm compatibility prior to use
    – All surfaces must be dry & free from dirt or any other contaminants.
    – It is recommended to de-grease the substrate (and membrane if necessary) by using isopropanol.
    – Porous substrates should be sealed by priming with CT113 or bonded directly using CT113

    This product is applied using a 600ml barrel gun. On our website, we can supply either a PC Cox or Soudal branded barrel gun.


    A 600ml foil will produce 7 to 8 linear meters of adhesive (based on bead width of approx. 10mm)


    Clean tools and any uncured adhesive with AW421 High Strength Cleaner. Cured adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

    For all other illbruck products on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you require on illbruck products, please visit their website here.

  • illbruck-sp036-box

    illbruck SP036 Fix & Fit Adhesive & Sealant – Box of 12


    Illbruck SP036 is a multi-purpose adhesive/sealant that provides a strong & flexible bond for fit-out applications. It can be used on a number of construction materials, both porous & non-porous & can also be used as a caulking agent.

    Area of application

    Illbruck SP036 provides a strong and flexible bond for typical fit-out applications such as skirting boards, panels, signage and other fixtures & fittings. Illbruck SP036 can be used on both porous and non-porous materials, including those sensitive to solvent attacks – such as polystyrene. It has good tooling & over-paintability properties – that it can be used as a caulking agent as well as an adhesive.

    Product Benefits

    – Bonds and seals most construction materials
    – Over paintable once cured
    – Flexible
    – Resistant to weather & ageing
    – Suitable for internal & external applications


    – Using a sharp knife, cut the end of the thread off, making sure to avoid damaging the thread. Trim the nozzle to the required diameter.
    – Ensure thorough contact between the joint surfaces before applying adhesive. Apply a bead of adhesive to one or both surfaces.
    – To bond larger components, apply parallel adhesive beads with a distance of approx. 10 cm so that after joining the parts an aerated gap remains between the beads.
    – If used with metals, the maximum width should not exceed 12 mm.

    For all other illbruck products on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you require on illbruck products, please visit their website here.

  • illbruck-sp050

    illbruck SP050 Fix & Seal Universal – Box of 12


    illbruck SP050 is a multi-purpose adhesive and sealant, based on illbruck’s advanced SP polymer formulation. SP050 provides a flexible, high strength bond in a wide variety of construction and industrial applications. Typical uses include the bonding of skirting boards, battens, slats, door thresholds, acoustic panels (and similar sheet materials).


    – illbruck SP050 is a green alternative to more traditional polyurethane adhesives
    – Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials
    – Tack free in less than 30 minutes
    – Excellent weather resistance, therefore it is suitable for external applications but also internal aswell
    – Can be overpainted once cured


    – May be applied to damp substrates.
    – For optimum adhesion, surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free of contamination.
    – Always carry out a small surface test to confirm compatibility prior to use.
    – Roughen non-porous surfaces.


    – Cut off the end of the cartridge with a sharp knife, taking care not to damage the thread. Trim the nozzle to the required width.
    – Ensure there is good contact between the joint surfaces before the adhesive is applied. For larger areas, spread the adhesive immediately.
    – Bring the two surfaces together straight away and clamp securely together for at least 30 minutes until sufficient bond strength has developed.


    Remove excess adhesive immediately with illbruck AT200 High Strength Cleaner. Ensure surface is solvent resistant before cleaning. Cured adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

    For all other illbruck products that are on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you require on illbruck products, please visit their website here.

  • illbruck-sp350

    illbruck SP350 Fix & Seal High Tack – Box of 12


    illbruck SP350 has been developed to bond materials to floor, wall and ceiling, where the extremely high initial strength of the product is beneficial for this high-performance adhesive.

    Area of application

    illbruck SP350 is ideal for a vast range of interior & exterior applications and may be applied to damp substrates. Applications include:

    – Fixing PVCu & Aluminium nosings and extrusions to concrete and wooden stairs.
    – Carpet grippers to most subfloors without using tacks or nails.
    – Majority of types of wall cladding, direct wall studding, internal wall surfaces or timber battens.

    Product Benefits

    – Strong initial grab and rapid development of final bond
    – The formulation is a solvent-free, very low odour, and chemically neutral
    – Instant grab, which will minimise the need for additional clamping
    – Excellent resistance to light, weather and ageing – suitable for internal and external applications


    – Can be applied to damp, but not soaking wet surfaces.
    – For the best adhesion, surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free of contamination.
    – Always carry out a small test area to confirm compatibility before use.
    – Roughen non-porous surfaces.
    – On surfaces such as glass, aluminium, ceramics, lacquered wood, epoxy and polyester no primer is required. For other materials, please contact tremco illbruck Technical Services.

    Protective Equipment

    Use in well-ventilated areas and always ensure all recommended protective equipment is worn during handling & application of this product. For full recommendations, refer to the datasheet


    Remove excess adhesive immediately with illbruck AT200 High Strength Cleaner. Ensure surface is solvent resistant before cleaning. Cured adhesive can only be removed mechanically.

    For all other illbruck products on our site, please click here.

    For further information you may need on illbruck, please visit their website here.

  • sika-ebt-everbuild

    Sikaflex EBT+


    Sikaflex EBT+ is a one part, elastic, polyurethane sealant & adhesive. It bonds to all common building substrates, is permanently flexible and has excellent grab and gap filling properties making it ideal for mutliple applications.


    – Bonding/fixing cabinets, shower trays, mirrors, ceramics.
    – Filling and sealing internal and external cracks and gaps around window and door frames.
    – Forming gaskets in ducting and sealing between metal components.
    – Fabrications and shopfitting.
    – Floor joints.


    – 1-part, ready to use.
    – Flexible and elastic
    – Excellent grab and non-slip.
    – Fast curing rate.
    – Good weather and water resistance.
    – Permanently flexible and elastic.
    – Non-corrosive



    Surfaces must be dry, free from oils and grease, dust and loose or friable particles. Cement laitance must be removed.

    Non-porous surfaces, such as powder coatings etc. have to be cleaned with a fine abrasive pad and SikaCleaner-205 by using a clean towel/cloth.


    Sikaflex EBT+ is supplied ready to use. After a suitable gap and substrate preparation, insert the cartridge into sealant gun and firmly extrude Sikaflex EBT+ into the gap, making sure that it is in full contact with the side of the gap. Fill the gap, avoiding air entrapment & then tool off to allow for a smoth finish.


    Clean all tools with Sika  Remover-208 / Thinner C immediately after use. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.


    – Sikaflex EBT+ may not be overpainted.
    – Similarly, do not use on areas which might bleed oils, plasticisers or solvents which could attack the sealant.
    – Do not use Sikaflex® EBT+ in swimming pools & changing room areas.

    For all other Sika products on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you may need on Sika products, please visit their website here.

  • soudal-competition-high-tack

    Soudal Fix All – Scratch To Win a Ford Ranger Competition


    Soudal (UK) Ltd are allowing you to WIN a Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak.

    How to Enter the Draw

    We are excited to announce the launch of our latest Fix ALL promotion!! Be in with a chance to WIN a Ford Ranger Wildtrak when you buy a Fix ALL Crystal or Fix ALL High Tack promotional 6-pack!! There is a scratchcard in every box!!

    Forty thousand scratchcards with their own unique code have been produced and randomly placed into thousands of 6-pack boxes of Fix ALL Crystal and thousands of 6-pack boxes of Fix ALL High Tack White.
    Visit and enter your details and unique scratchcard code (inside every promotional box) online before 11:59 pm on the 30/03/2020.
    You are welcome to enter the competition multiple times, providing that each entry is a legitimate purchase. On the 31st March 2020, the winners code will be drawn totally at random.

    Who can enter?

    Entry is welcome to residents of the UK and Republic of Ireland & all entrants must be aged 18 years or above. This excludes the following –

    1. Employees of business’ participating in the promotion, employees or agency staff working for the promoting company associated with the competition.
    2. A spouse, partner, parent, guardian, sibling or child of a person referred to within the above paragraph.
    3. Anyone that is in breach of the competition terms and conditions of this promotion. Soudal holds the right for determining the eligibility of entrants into the draw.


    This competition will run in participating stores throughout the UK & Republic of Ireland.

    Do I Need to Make a Purchase?

    Yes. During the promotion period, you will need to purchase either a Fix ALL High Tack Promo 6-Pack or Fix ALL Crystal Promo 6-Pack and retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
    You must keep your receipt to qualify for the prize draw. Soudal may disqualify your entry if you are unable to provide proof of purchase, and you will then lose any right to receive the prize.

    The Prize Draw

    The draw will be held on the 31st of March 2020. The 1st valid entry to be drawn will be the winner.
    Additional reserve entries may be drawn just in case the winning entry is deemed invalid.
    The winner will be contacted within one month of the deadline by phone and writing.
    If the winner cannot be contacted via the contact information provided, Soudal reserves the right to select the next reserve entry; this will occur one month following the first contact.

    The Winner

    The winner must make sure they are available to attend all publicity, photography and other marketing activities as required by Soudal and Seal Systems Ireland. You allow Soudal and Seal Systems Ireland to use your name and image in any advertising or promotional event. You must be available for the presenting of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak in April 2020.

    For all other Soudal products on our website, please click here.

    Soudal FixAll is Soudal’s rival to the CT1 range, both excellent options for Adhesive and sealing.

  • fix-all-high-tack-sealant

    Soudal Fix All High Tack



    Fix ALL® High Tack: The perfect product if you are in search of a sealant-glue with an EXTREMELY HIGH INITIAL TACK as well as good sealing qualities.

    Features & Benefits

    • Extremely High Green Strength = fixed after 1 sec!
    • Can be painted immediately after application, even with water-based paints.
    • Easy to apply in all conditions
    • Bonds even onto humid surfaces
    • UV stable
    • Does not smell
    • Solvent-free
    • Cures fast
    • No primer needed
    • Available in 6 colours: white, grey, beige, brown, black and alu-grey


    Fix ALL® High tack is the perfect product for every heavy-duty bonding application such as:

    • Bonding of very heavy materials
    • Repairing leaks (even underwater)
    • Bonding of paintings and mirrors to walls
    • And many more!

Sealant Adhesive

Sealant adhesive, also referred to as construction sealants, are used for a variety of solutions within building or DIY projects.

At Sealant Supplies, we stock a variety of adhesive sealants to combat a range of problems you need to solve. From the DIY novice through to the experienced professional, our stocklist has something for everyone. We also provide product variables ranging from a single product through to boxes of sealant adhesives, making our website ideal for both domestic and trade customers.

Those ordering in bulk will also benefit from discounts, with even more savings possible when a trade or credit account is created.

Adhesive sealants are often utilised for a range of issues such as leaks, bonding artwork to walls, bonding heavy materials and much more. As they are required to resolve a range of common problems, they are also available in a variety of colours, making application look seamless.

For those who are inexperienced in applying sealants we also have a range of tools which work alongside our sealant adhesive products to create a professional end result.

If you would like more information on the sealant adhesives we provide, or if there is a product you are looking for that isn’t listed on our site, please get in touch with our team. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we offer and go above and beyond for our clients.