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  • Mapei Mapegum WPS – Various Sizes



    Mapegum WPS is a liquid waterproofing membrane for interior surfaces. Not suitable for continual immersion in water or areas that are subject to rising damp.

    Mapegum WPS is a ready-to-use, single component, solvent-free, grey coloured paste, with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion. Mapegum WPS has a thixotropic consistency. This makes it easy to apply on all surfaces, especially those that are horizontal, sloping or vertical. After the quick evaporation of the water content, Mapegum WPS forms a flexible membrane which is non sticky, and strong enough to withstand light pedestrian traffic. It also creates an excellent surface that bonds perfectly to adhesives specifically used for laying ceramics, marble and natural stones.


    Mapegum WPS’s flexibility enables it to withstand normal expansion and contraction movements of the surface, due to variations in temperature and vibrations. Thanks to its flexibility, it acts as an anti-fracture membrane for substrates subject to light cracking.

    Mapegum WPS is resistant to water, limewater (pH > 12), and water that contains chlorides, and normal household detergents and cleaning products.


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