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Swimming Pool

  • arbokol-1025-sp

    Arbokol 1025 SP – Swimming Pool Grade

    £42.20 £40.39

    Arbokol 1025SP is a unique two-part Epoxy sealant which cures to form a hard-wearing seal. It is designed to accommodate small amounts of movement in extension but a considerable movement in compression.

    Arbokol 1025SP is recommended for use in a variety of internal stress relief joints, where continual water resistance & a high level of chemical resistance is required.


    Swimming pools, tile to tile joints (no primer required), compression joints, long term water immersed joints, shower rooms. This product is not recommended for structural joints applications.


    Joint Prep

    The surfaces must be clean and free from all contamination. Surfaces should be cleaned using an appropriate surface cleaner.


    The ratio of the curing agent to the base compound controls the performance properties of Arbokol 1025 SP & the tins are filled to this exact mixing ratio. It is essential, therefore that the entire contents of the
    curing agent tin are added to the base tin. The two components must be mixed thoroughly to ensure complete homogeneity.

    Application Method

    The usual method, once mixed, is to fill the sealant into an empty barrel gun, using a heavy-duty follower plate. The barrel is placed over the hole in the centre of the plate and filled by applying steady downward pressure & pulling the plunger rod. Fix end cap to the barrel, and the mixed sealant is then ready for application. It is recommended that PC Cox Barrell Gun is used for the application.

    Joint Backing

    Where applicable, appropriate joint filler, e.g. a closed-cell polyethylene foam should be used to achieve the correct joint depth. All joint preparation and application should be carried out by following BS8000 Part 16 (British standard for the sealing of joints in buildings)


    Joint Width

    Minimum: 6mm
    Maximum: 20mm (single application)

    Joint Depth

    Minimum: 10mm on porous substrates / 6mm on non-porous substrates
    Maximum: 10mm

    We also stock a wide range of Arbo Products on our website.

    For any further information, you may need, please visit the Arbo website.

  • bath-&-kitchen

    CM Bath & Kitchen HM



    CM Bath & Kitchen is a high modulus silicone sealant that cures rapidly once exposed to natural humidity. Once cured, CM Bath & Kitchens forms to create a permanently flexible, durable weathertight sealant. Along with the flexibility, CM Bath & Kitchen operates within a large temperature range with excellent weathering. CM Bath & Kitchen is a premium silicone sealant product,  used for exceptional finishes.

    CM Bath & Kitchen meets the standards to BS5889 (1989) Type B and US Fed Spec TTS 001543A (Class A) and TTS 00230C (Class A) and ISO 11600 F&G -25HM 846 food safe.


    The uses of CM Bath & Kitchen are but not restricted to the below:

    • Joints in baths and showers
    • General kitchen areas
    • Food prep areas
    • Laboratories
    • High hygiene areas
    • Construction Joints
    • Swimming pools
    • Glass, ceramic or painted surfaces


    Before the application is made, the required area must be cleaned, ensuring it is dust free, contaminate free, and no loose objects are present. If you are to prime before use, standard primer is advised. If you are re-sealing joints, it is advised that every bit of old sealant is removed to ensure that the joint is contaminant free.

    To apply, cut off the top of the cartridge, ensuring it is above the nozzle thread, proceed to screw the nozzle and snipping the top of the nozzle to required joint size at a 45-degree angle. Apply the sealant by gun – place the nozzle angle flush to the joint and extrude a continuous bead. For a neat finish, use a sealant applicator tool kit.

  • ct1-sealant

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive

    £12.95 £10.99

    CT1 Sealant and Adhesive

    The One-Stop Product for all Sealing and Bonding

    CT1 is a construction adhesive that will never shrink or crack, and it can be structured and painted with any type of paint. When applying conventional sealants, the surfaces have to be dry. As a sealant, CT1 can be applied onto wet surfaces, even underwater.

    It is also the perfect product to seal baths and showers, windows, doors, roofs, gutters, virtually anything. Available in a range of colours, simply select from the drop-down menu: Clear, Black, Brown, Grey, White, Silver, Oak and Beige. For a wide range of internal sealant colours please refer to Mapesil AC.

    In other words, it is the only product on the market that is 100% ecologically compliant. As an adhesive, CT1 will create a formidable bond between virtually any materials also acting as a construction adhesive that will successfully bond all building materials. For instance, metals, glass, mirror, fibreglass, plastics, and stone, concrete, the list is endless.

    Above all, the adhesive to use for a multitude of applications is CT1, creating a permanent bond that will resist extreme loads, pressure and tensile strain.

    Will successfully bond

    • Polystyrene
    • Metals (including lead)
    • Glass – Special mirror adhesive can be found here.
    • Mirrors
    • All Woods
    • Plastics (excluding Polypropylene)
    • Fibreglass
    • Tiles
    • Concrete
    • Most Stones (without staining)
    • Most Synthetic Materials

    Unique adhesion on virtually any material in most applications without the need for additional fixings. Therefore, CT1 is the ultimate solution for interior and exterior bonding and sealing.

    • Excellent resistance to chemicals
    • UV resistant
    • Perfect for marine and boating maintenance, accident and emergency repairs
    • Odourless
    • Does not shrink
    • Can be painted
    • Contains no solvents
    • No isocyanates
    • Unique flexibility
    • 8 colours to choose from Black, Brown, Grey, White, Oak, Clear, Beige and Silver. For further information on this product, please visit the CT1 website here.
  • EB25-Everbuild

    EB25 Ultimate Sealant & Construction Adhesive – Box of 12


    EB25 has been launched in 2019 to celebrate their 25 years of Everbuild.

    EB25 is the Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive, covering the broadest range of application, sealant and adhesive areas. It is a polymer blend sealant giving it additional flexibility and bonding strength you can rely on in any situation. The makeup of this product allows the sealant to be used both internally and externally, in most weather conditions and can be used underwater. Everbuild have had EB25 certified for use in sanitary and food preparation areas and once cured is resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals and more

    Colours – Black, White and Grey. Also, Crystal Clear that remains crystal clear and does no fog like similar products.

    Substrates that EB25 bonds to:

    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Brick
    • Concrete
    • Stone
    • Ceramic
    • Tile
    • Plastic
    • Glass


    Everbuild brings you their best ever sealant and adhesive – EB25, to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Using the most cutting-edge technology and an exclusive polymer blend, our R&D team has developed a truly universal, top quality hybrid. Therefore, it is incredibly flexible, certified for indoor and outdoor use, and in sanitary and food preparation areas (ISEGA). Plus, it’s powerful, sticks to just about anything and even works when applied underwater! Once cured, it’s resistant to mould, temperature extremes, chemicals, petrol, UV radiation, plus it does all this while being environmentally friendly.


    Bonding & sealing in almost every application imaginable. The following are just some examples: As a high-quality nail replacement adhesive, even to damp surfaces.

    – External and internal pointing around doors and windows.
    – Bonding mirrors to most common substrates.
    – Sealing vertical expansion joints.
    – Jointing cladding panels.


    All surfaces must be clean and dust-free. Surfaces may be damp but have no standing water. Therefore, it can be used underwater, but adhesion performance is reduced so should be applied as an emergency repair in these conditions only.

    For all other Everbuild products on our website, please click here. For general sealing, please see our DIY section and select the area you require.

    For any further information you require on Everbuild products, please visit their website here.

    This product is Everbuild’s equivalent of the CT1 range and can be used like for like.


  • sika sikasil-pool

    Sika Sikasil Pool


    Sika Sikasil Pool is a one-component, neutral cure silicone, specifically designed for use in swimming pools and continuously wet areas.


    – Excellent water resistance
    – High chlorine resistance
    – Excellent resistance to fungal attack. In other words, it is non-corrosive


    Sika Sikasil Pool is a sealant designed for joints in and around frequently wet areas between tiles, concrete, glass and metals. However, different prep work may apply.


    – Excellent water resistance
    – High chlorine resistance
    – Excellent resistance to fungal attack
    – Non-corrosive
    – High elasticity and flexibility


    The substrate must be clean, dry, sound and homogeneous, free from oils, grease, dust and loose or friable particles. Sikasil Pool adheres without primers and/or activators.
    However, for optimum adhesion and critical, high-performance applications, such as on multi-story buildings, highly stressed joints, extreme weather exposure or water immersion, the following priming and/or pretreatment procedures shall be followed:

    Other metals, such as copper, brass and titanium-zinc

    These also have to be cleaned and treated using Sika Aktivator-205, wiped on with a clean towel. After the necessary flash-off time, use a brush to apply Sika Primer-3 N and allow a further flash-off time of at least 30 minutes to 8 hours before sealing the joints. Also, when using on PVC, it has to be cleaned and pre-treated using Sika Primer-215.

    Porous substrates

    For instance, areas such as concrete, aerated concrete and cement-based renders, mortars and bricks shall be primed using Sika Primer-3 N applied with a brush. Before sealing, allow a flash-off time of > 30 minutes (< 8 hours).

    For more detailed advice and instructions, please contact the local Sika Technical Services Department.


    After the necessary substrate preparation, insert a suitable backing rod to the required depth and apply any primer if needed. After that, insert the cartridge into the sealant gun and extrude Sikasil Pool into the joint. Make sure that it comes into full contact with all sides of the joint and avoids any air entrapment.

    To ensure adequate adhesion, make sure Sika Pool is tooled firmly after extruding product into the joint. It is recommended to use masking tape where exact joint lines or neat lines are required. Remove the tape within the skin time. Use a compatible tooling agent to help smooth the joint surfaces.

  • soudal-aquafix

    Soudal Aquafix – All Weather Sealant


    Soudal Aquafix is an all-weather sealant is an adhesive sealant that bonds to most surfaces even when damp or underwater. Ideal for use in emergency repairs or as a general sealant, Aquafix can be overpainted after curing and is UV resistant. Universal and can be used in many different areas for different application types, from sealing to adhering, it is an all-round sealant.

    Applications for Aquafix:

    We have a number of tools on our website that would assist with the application of this product. We would recommend using a PC Cox Skeleton Gun to apply & a Bond-it Tooling Kit to aid in providing a professional finish.

    • All usual building substrates including Wood, Metals, Polycarbonate, Plastics, Brick, Concrete, MDF and Glass.*
    • Repair of leaks.
    • UV Resistant.

    * Do not apply to PVC, PE, PP, PTFE and Bituminous substrates.

    Benefits of Aquafix:

    • Easy to apply and tool
    • Solvent Based
    • Adheres underwater
    • Good slump resistance
    • 10% Movement Accommodation

Swimming Pool Sealant

Swimming pool sealants prevent water penetration in areas which are submerged underwater constantly. They must be extremely durable and resistant to mould and water damage.

Swimming pool sealants are also often utilised for joints in areas which are frequently wet such as leisure centre and sports club shower areas. The sealants we stock can usually be used with a variety of building substrates however it is best to check individual specifications before purchasing.

Sealants should also be UV resistant, flexible and compatible with the environment they are being used in. We have extensive information on the uses for the sealants we provide, simply browse the product pages for more detailed information.

At Sealant Supplies we stock some of the highest quality swimming pool sealants, providing our clients with the best options on the market. Soudal and Sika are two of the most popular sealant brands we currently stock, with our range regularly expanding to ensure we provide our clients with the newest sealants on the market.

As with all of our other sealants we stock a range of colours, making them suitable for a range of construction projects where areas will be under water regularly. Bulk orders can also be made for larger or multiple projects.