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Sealant removal & Finishings

Sealant removal & Finishings
  • Bond It Professional 4 Part Sealant Applicator Tool Kit


    The Bond It Professional 4 Part Sealant Applicator Tool Kit is a handy kit for the smoothing and finishing of mastic sealants, both internally and externally, in hard to reach areas, such as behind bath taps and corner areas.

    The Bond It Professional 4 Part tool kit is used to create recessed joints, perfectly flush joints and tidy fillet sealant joints with any type of mastic sealant.

    It is supplied in a neat plastic case with instruction leaflet. The kit contains 4 tools which cover 15 profiles: any edge, any corner, any joint – from 0 to 28mm.

    They work well with all kinds of sealant and provide you with a perfectly finished waterproof seal every time.


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  • Bond-It De-Bond Mate Silicone Sealant Remover – Box of 12


    Bond-It De-Bond Mate Silicone Sealant Remover – Box of 12

    Bond-It De-Bond Mate is a non-drip gel formula for the complete removal of cured silicone sealant, particularly when silicone has been accidentally smeared over glass, ceramics or countertops. Removes all types of silicone sealant, leaving surfaces ready for re-sealing.

    Ideal for use in a trade environment where errors have been made when applying silicone sealants, which can be easily done. Bond-It provide high quality products available at cost-effective prices, box of 12 means bulk orders are simple and can also be available with discounts for our trade and credit account holders.


    Bond-It De-Bond Mate Silicone Sealant Remover can be used to remove old silicone sealant during renovations. It is suitable for use on concrete brick, glass, metals, PVCu and acrylic-based products.


    Cutaway excess sealant with a knife or sharp blade. Protect any surrounding paintwork with masking tape. Wipe clean with paper tissue or a dry cloth and ensure all traces of solvent are removed.
    Keep some water handy to deactivate any runs. After that, surfaces should be cleaned with a solvent, such as methylated spirit, before applying fresh sealant.


    If in doubt, try a small area first. Furthermore, if the gel comes into contact with water, the active ingredients will be deactivated, and the gel rendered unusable.

    Storage Conditions

    Store in original, unopened containers, out of direct sunlight. Store between 50 C and 25o C.

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  • Bond-it Snip Off Cartridge Cutter


    The Bond It Cartridge cutter is ideal for anyone using silicone sealants that needs to take the nipple off to use the cartridge. The cutter itself gives you plenty of protection when using, making it a lot safer and easier to use over a blade.

    The cutter is a two in one, as you can use it to cut the nozzles to the correct angle of application in a very safe and easy action. The blades are designed to be replaced as this long-lasting cutter should stand the test of time, the blade is stainless. Can only be used on 310ml and smaller cartridges.

    Small and easy to carry around with dimensions of approx. 13 x 4 cm.

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  • Cramer Original Fugi Kit Pro V Silicone Profiling Tool


    Cramer Original Fugi Kit Pro V Silicone Profiling Tool

    Even a small silicone joint can decide on an attractive bathroom: either by being ugly or by showing traces of mildew or mould after some time. The Cramer Fugi Toolkit presents the professional solution for all different kinds of joints.

    Due to it’s simplicity, this tool kit is ideal for DIY use, for those who are upgrading their own kitchen or bathroom. This tool allows the user to create the perfect size and style of the joint of sealant to the desired finish shape without the need of soapy water.

    This tool kit can also be used time and time again, therefore this is an extremely cost-effective product to have in your sealant kit. Perfect for DIY and professionals alike. For all other tools & accessories on our website, please click here.

  • Everbuild Everflex Silicone Eater


    Everbuild Everflex Silicone Eater is specifically designed to remove all silicone based sealants and surface water repellents – cured and uncured. The product acts by denaturing silicone polymers, making them easily water or solvent cleanable.


    – May be used on aluminium* and its alloys, copper and its alloys, iron, steels, glass, ceramics, epoxy composites, most plastics.
    – Has very little effect on rubber and other elastomers.
    – Everbuild Everflex Silicone Eater has little impact on most painted surfaces.


    – Readily denatures silicone.
    – May be used vertically as well as horizontally.
    – Water clean-up.



    All surfaces must be dust free. Cut as much as possible away from the silicone sealant using a sharp knife. Protect surrounding areas with impervious masking tape.


    Cut the tip of the cartridge with a sharp blade, taking care not to damage the thread. Apply using a standard sealant gun.

    – Removing Silicone sealants from baths/showers:

    Spread the bead over the entire area which requires treatment (use masking tape to protect surrounding areas).  Apply an amount that is at least twice the thickness of the underlying silicone. After that, repeat application if necessary. Wash off with water after 4 hours maximum.

    Note: The product specifically removes silicone products. It may have a lesser effect on acrylics, GP mastics and butyl sealant.

    Apply as in (a) to window panes, frames sills etc. and allow a dwell time of 10 minutes. Wash off with white spirits or water. Repeat if necessary.


    *TEST A SMALL AREA BEFORE USE. In all cases, apply a small test patch to an inconspicuous area. Leave for 2 hours min and rinse off. Check for staining/corrosion before attempting the whole job.

    In addition, this product may attack nylon, certain fabrics/textiles and coloured anodised aluminium, PU coated baths  & chipped surfaces.

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  • Everbuild Sealant Strip and Smooth Twin Pack


    Everbuild Sealant Strip and Smooth Twin Pack a unique patented tool. They work on any type of sealant and are the ideal partner for use before applying silicone sealant.

    The Everbuild Sealant Strip-Out Tool is incredibly simple, and its design and shape provide a fast way to strip all types of sealant out of any 90° angle joint.

    The pack also contains a Smooth-Out tool. A unique tool that is ideal for smoothing out all sealant after application in most areas – it creates a perfect seal, that is smooth and a great finish.

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Sealant Removal and Finishings

Sealant removal is a key aspect of the beginning of a sealant project. Any old sealant must be removed properly to ensure a successful reapplication in terms of finish and appearance. Sealant should be removed with a reliable and non-aggressive product which won’t damage the surrounding area.

At Sealant Supplies we stock a range of sealant removal and finishing products which can be used on a range of substrates and sealant types, therefore we have a solution for every project. Our team can also source a particular product, therefore if you can’t see something you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.  

Our finishing solutions also provide the ideal tools to ensure the result is seamless, from profiling tools through to cutters and angle assistant tools. Our team provide products to both trade specialists and domestic customers, therefore if you are carrying out a DIY project, our tools can help you to create a professional finish.

We also provide a range of trade and bulk order discounts, therefore if you are a trades person do not hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss opening a trade account for ongoing discounts.

To speak to a member of the Sealant Supplies team call us on 01708 525 866 or email and we will be in touch as soon as possible.