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  • Everbuild Puraflex 40 600ml



    Everbuild Puraflex 40 is a high modulus, one component, PU sealant and adhesive which adheres strongly to most substrates. Provides excellent mechanical resistance &  resistance to most common chemicals. Furthermore, this product can be over-painted when cured.


    – Bonds to wood, concrete, metal, aluminium, polyester, glass, uPVC, stone, ceramics, etc
    – Can be painted with gloss and emulsion.
    – Good sea water resistance.
    – Can be painted with oil and latex paints.


    In addition to the above, if you require further information on this product, you can visit the Everbuild website here.

    This product is also available in a 600ml foil & can be viewed here.

  • Everbuild Puraflex 25 300ml



    Everbuild Puraflex 25 is a one part Polyurethane Sealant is a premium quality one component low modulus sealant designed to replace conventional one part Polysulphide sealants in most applications.


    – Excellent adhesion to most building Substrates.

    – Over paintable – preliminary test required before use.

    – Solvent-free and odourless.

    – Movement Factors Butt joints: 50% (not to exceed +/- 25% in any one direction)

    – Lap joints: 100% (not to exceed +/- 50% in any one direction)



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