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  • Mapei Mapegum WPS – Various Sizes



    Mapegum WPS is a liquid waterproofing membrane for interior surfaces. Not suitable for continual immersion in water or areas that are subject to rising damp.

    Mapegum WPS is a ready-to-use, single component, solvent-free, grey coloured paste, with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion. Mapegum WPS has a thixotropic consistency. This makes it easy to apply on all surfaces, especially those that are horizontal, sloping or vertical. After the quick evaporation of the water content, Mapegum WPS forms a flexible membrane which is non sticky, and strong enough to withstand light pedestrian traffic. It also creates an excellent surface that bonds perfectly to adhesives specifically used for laying ceramics, marble and natural stones.


    Mapegum WPS’s flexibility enables it to withstand normal expansion and contraction movements of the surface, due to variations in temperature and vibrations. Thanks to its flexibility, it acts as an anti-fracture membrane for substrates subject to light cracking.

    Mapegum WPS is resistant to water, limewater (pH > 12), and water that contains chlorides, and normal household detergents and cleaning products.


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    Please be aware that this is a non stock item and lead times may vary.

  • Cromar Alpha Chem Integral Waterproofer


    It also improves the workability of the mortar. Integral Waterproofer New is suitable for use in rendering finishes and pointing mortars.

    It is also used in reconstructed stone and non-structural concrete members – particularly valuable in:‐

    – Semi‐dry mixes.
    – Internal and external rendering.
    – Special finishes.
    – Pebbledash and Harling
    – Rough Cast.
    – Stucco etc.


    – Makes renders and mortars water‐resistant.
    – Improves weathering properties.
    – Reduced suction aids pebble dashing – larger areas covered easily.
    – Surfaces stay cleaner longer.
    – Better appearance after rain
    – Less likelihood of efflorescence.
    – Drying shrinkage, crazing and cracking reduced.
    – Improved frost resistance.
    – Greatly reduced capillary attraction. Directions
    – Stir or shake well before use.
    – Integral Waterproofer New is ready for use and is added to the mix at the selected dosage rate.
    – Mix designs will depend on factors such as location and sand gradings. – Refer to local standards and codes of practice for guidance.


    – 1 litre per 50‐100kg cement.

    For more information on Cromer, please visit their website here.

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    Please note this is a non-stock item & extended lead times are adsvised

  • Bond-It Sealacryl Waterproofer – Various Sizes



    Sealacryl – a one component, UV stable, solvent‐based, multi‐purpose roof coating membrane. Specifically designed to prevent the access of water whilst allowing any trapped moisture to escape naturally. Manufactured with fibre reinforcement


    – Excellent adhesion.

    – Application in damp weather.

    – Instant protection.

    – Superb solar reflectivity.

    – Reinforced membrane.

    – One coat application.

    – Seamless.

    – Fully flexible.

    – Unaffected by temperature.

    – Economical.


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  • Protecta Waterproofer 3 Litres



    Protecta Waterproofer is a high viscosity cream-like impregnating fluid based on alkyl-alkoxy-silanes. When applied to cured Protecta® EX Mortar, the Waterproofer protects the surface by making it water repellent. The Waterproofer will also protect other porous substrates such as stone, brickwork and concrete in facades.

    Protecta Waterproofer also provides a comprehensive protection against efflorescence and decomposition caused by water-soluble pollutants, frost damage and attack by moulds and bacteria on damp substrates. The construction material’s physical properties, especially its water vapour permeability (Sd-value) is barely affected by application of Protecta Waterproofer.

    – Long-lasting and reliable
    – Simple, drip-free application with excellent workability
    – Water and VOC-free
    – High concentration of active ingredients
    – Alkaline stable
    – Does not build up a film
    – Extraordinary penetration depth
    – Can be applied without any loss, in one layer and without sag
    – Causes no discoloration or intensification of masonry surfaces


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