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  • Mapei MapeGlitter 100g – Box of 10



    MapeGlitter can be added to Kerapoxy Design at rates of up to 10% by weight to form grouting mortar with a sparkly, metallic finish, and is particularly recommended for metallic tiles and vitreous tiles and mosaics.


    MapeGlitter is available in silver, light gold, purple, pastel violet, pink, violet, fuchsia, red, copper, black, brown, bronze, sand, medium blue, pastel green, green, bottle green, burnished, pastel sky, sky, royal blue, dark blue and night blue. When mixed correctly, it forms grouting mortar and wall finishes with the following characteristics:

    • translucent finish to improve the effect of coloured coatings with special decorative characteristics;
    • semi-transparent effect for a brighter, glossier finish and to enhance coatings.


    For more information about Mapei, please visit their website here.

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