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  • £3.99 ex. VAT
      Bond It HT30 is a ready-to-use, acetic curing, silicone sealant. Specifically designed for high temperature use, it is UV resistant and weatherproof. After curing HT30 will resists temperatures of 250°C permanently and up to 300°C for short periods.   HT30 has been specifically designed for high temperature use. After curing HT30 will resist temperatures of +250°C permanently and up to +300°C for short periods.   Benefits: - Non sagging. - High Temperature resistance up to 300°C. - Mildew resistant. - UV resistant and weatherproof.    
  • £3.00 - £72.00 ex. VAT
    £3.00 - £72.00 ex. VAT
      Sealoflex Sanitary HM is a high modulus silicone sealant and adhesive with an acetoxy cure, offering remarkable tooling capabilities. It has been specially designed to cater to the needs of professional users. Suitable for use in a wide range of sanitary and plumbing scenarios, be it in industrial, commercial, or domestic settings. It excels in areas where a highly flexible bond is required, and remains resilient without shrinking or cracking. It has superb adhesion to various non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramics, aluminum, and painted timber. Moreover, it comes with the adde
  • £2.51 ex. VAT
      Soudal Firecryl FR is a fire-rated acrylic sealant and filler, offering a fire rating of up to 4 hours. It intumesces at temperatures exceeding 120°C, effectively preventing the passage of smoke and fire through joints and gaps. It is also paintable.   Properties Fire and Smoke Barrier: Effectively halts the spread of both fire and smoke. Intumescent Properties: Expands and seals when subjected to temperatures surpassing 120°C. Painting Capability: Allows for painting after a complete curing process. Easy Application: Straightforward and convenient to appl
  • £2.99 ex. VAT
      Bond It MM50 is a mid mod, acetoxy cure, sanitary grade silicone sealant containing a powerful anti‐fungal compound to resist mould growth. A one part silicone sealant specifically designed for areas which are prone to high humidity or frequent wetting.  For sealing around worktops, basins, sinks, bed basins to vanity units and also to seal shower trays and shower units.   Features & Benefits: - Permanently Flexible - Mould Resistant - Contains powerful fungicide - Waterproof - For Internal Use - High Viscosity Formula - Tools Quickly   For seal
  • £3.00 - £72.56 ex. VAT
      Sealoflex Premium Construction LM silicone, perfect for sealing external door and window frames. It offers rapid curing, strong adhesion properties, and includes uPVC adhesion promoters. Formulated for both indoor and outdoor applications in these specific areas, it boasts excellent adhesion to numerous non-porous substrates. This versatile sealant is your go-to solution, waterproof and water-repellent, UV […]
  • £2.35 ex. VAT
      Soudal Repair Express Cement is a fast-drying repair cement with a base of high-speed acrylic polymer, designed for textured finishes. Ideal for swift and convenient repair or filling of cracks and joints in concrete. Application can be done using a trowel or gun. Sands smoothly and can be painted over once fully dried. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.   Properties Excellent Adhesion to Various Mineral Surfaces: Demonstrates strong adhesion on a wide range of mineral surfaces for both indoor and outdoor applications. Rapid Curing: Cures quickly, allowing f
  • £48.98 - £136.50 ex. VAT
    £48.98 - £136.50 ex. VAT
      Bond It Roof Seal Liquid Membranel is a hybrid technology product designed for waterproofing and protecting various surfaces, particularly roofs, against climatic variations, UV radiation, and chemical exposure. This liquid membrane demonstrates several advantageous properties: High Elasticity: Seal It Liquid Membrane possesses a high degree of elasticity, enabling it to accommodate structural movements and changes in the substrate caused by temperature fluctuations and other external factors. Temperature Stability: The product maintains its flexibility and performance even u
  • £3.14 ex. VAT
    £3.14 ex. VAT
      Bond It Monster Superglue Activator is an enhancer, specifically for enhancing the curing efficiency of cyanoacrylate adhesives. It enhances adhesion to challenging substrates while deterring adhesive infiltration into porous materials. Expedites the process of strength enhancement.   The shelf life extends to 24 months from the manufacturing date when stored as per the specified storage conditions. Storage Guidelines: Ensure storage in a cool and dry environment, maintaining a temperature below +25°C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.     For more
  • £4.14 ex. VAT
    £4.14 ex. VAT
      Alpha Chem Gun Grade Expanding Foam is a user-friendly, single-component PU Expanding Foam, perfect for various applications in both construction and home enhancement projects. Designed to be used with foam applicator guns, it offers increased yield through expansion, along with simple application and the option for reuse. Alpha Chem Gun Grade Expanding Foam exhibits remarkable adhesion and filling capabilities, coupled with exceptional thermal and acoustical insulation properties. It's resistant to mold and water, and can be painted over. Notably, this product is environmentally
  • £5.67 - £5.74 ex. VAT
      Bond It XTREME is a one-part silicone sealant that offers excellent primerless adhesion to various surfaces such as enamel, tiles, glazed ceramic, glass, stainless steel, polycarbonate glass (Plexiglass), and acrylics. It can also be used on wood, aluminium, chrome, concrete, brick, and PVC when used in conjunction with a primer. One of the key features of Bond It XTREME is that it contains a biocide, which helps prevent the growth of unsightly mould. This is particularly useful in areas where moisture or dampness is a concern, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or other humid environme
  • £7.75 ex. VAT
    £7.75 ex. VAT
      Arboseal GZ Butyl Glazing Tape is a flat section, preformed butyl strip. It deforms under moderate pressure and has appreciable surface tack and recovery.   Recommended For Compression joints in cladding or roofing Lap joints in guttering Glazing double glazed units into timber frames Glazing double glazed units into externally beaded metal frames Not recommended For Expansion Joints     For more in our range of tapes, please click here. Or to shop our range of glazing sealants, please click here. For more information on Arbo,
  • £3.63 ex. VAT
        Bond It Gripbond Pro Max is an advanced adhesive product that offers several remarkable features, making it suitable for a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. Here are the key characteristics and benefits of Gripbond Pro Max: High Initial Grab: Gripbond Pro Max boasts double the initial grab compared to most other grab adhesives. This means it provides a strong and immediate bond, reducing the need for additional mechanical support in many applications. Ultimate Bond Strength: The adhesive has a high ultimate bond strength, ensuring a durable and l