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  • Mapei Kerapoxy Design 3kg


    Kerapoxy Design is a two-component, decorative, epoxy resin-based grout, with silica sand and other special components, with excellent chemical resistance and easy cleaning properties. This is a product with very low emission of volatile organic compounds and is classified Emicode EC1 R Plus by GEV when used for grouting. Kerapoxy Design may be mixed with up to 10% by weight of MapeGlitter, metalised coloured glitter, to create particular special effects. The percentage depends on the aesthetical effect and workability desired. MapeGlitter is available in silver and light gold and another 22 colours on request.

    When applied correctly, Kerapoxy Design forms tile joints with the following characteristics:

    • translucent effect improves the chromatic effect of finishes with particularly decorative characteristics;
    • semitransparent finish, very similar to glass mosaic, guarantees better luminosity, lustre and appearance of the mosaic;
    • excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance, therefore excellent durability;
    • leaves a final smooth and compact surface, which is non-absorbent and easy to clean; guarantees a high level of hygiene and blocks the formation of mildew and mould;
    • excellent workability, highly improved compared with traditional epoxy mortars thanks to its creamy consistency, which guarantees a faster application, less waste and makes it easier to clean the surface of the mosaic, and to obtain a good finish;
    • no shrinkage and, therefore, no cracking;
    • uniform colours resistant to ultra-violet light and atmospheric agents;
    • excellent bonding properties.


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    Kerapoxy Design is currently a non-stock item & extended lead times are advised at anywhere up to 4-6 weeks.

  • Protecta Steel Paint FR-1 20 Litre



    Protecta Steel Paint FR-1 is a single component acrylic paint, used for up to 60 minutes fire protection of loadbearing structural steel that usually requires no primer, no topcoat, is easy to use and very easy to clean up. The paint is formulated with fire and heat resistant chemicals, combined with high intumescent (expanding) pigments and fillers, which gives optimal resistance against fire.

    The paint is formulated to provide the lowest emissions possible, protecting both people’s health and the environment against harmful chemicals. It is a hard-wearing interior acrylic paint, formulated to the highest specification and offering unsurpassed intensity of colour. All colours are water-based and provide a smooth, rich and non-reflective finish. It is perfect for a contemporary look and to hide surface imperfections.


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