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  • Geocel 945 High Modulus MS Polymer Sealant & Adhesive – Box 10


    Geocel 945 is a high modulus MS Polymer for building and civil engineering structures.


    – Geocel 945 is Fast cure.
    – Resistant to aerobic and anaerobic bacteriological attack
    – Excellent application characteristics. Geocel 945 is easy to tool product.


    For sealing movement joints to:

    – Building substructures
    – Culvert and bridge assemblies
    – Concrete road soak away channels
    – Concrete floor slabs (Saw cuts)
    – Expansion joints in water retaining structures
    – Sealing of stadia terrace movement joints


    The sealing slot should be accurately formed. The slot sides should be cleaned to expose a sound surface. Care should be taken to ensure that the slot is formed to the required depth and any joint expansion filler tightly packed. Therefore, a tight-fitting cord or bond breaker should be inserted at the base of the slot to ensure that the sealant only bonds to the joint sides. Also, please ensure that all surfaces are clean, dry, sound and free from frost. After that, clean all joints of release agents, water repellents, laitance, dust, dirt, old sealants or other contaminants.


    Geocel 945 may be overpainted with water-based paints; however, due to a large number of coatings available, it is advisable to carry out a compatibility test before application. However, for alkyd paints, water-based primer coat must be used.


    If necessary, the joint edges can be masked with tape to prevent contamination.


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