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the complete kit

  • The Complete Interior Kit



    The Complete Interior Kit – A fuss free kit for all your internal sealing needs.

    The PC Cox Skeleton gun holds cartridges up to 310ml. Arbosil HM in white is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and all other interior areas, and the Bond It tooling kit ensures the most professional finish in even the trickiest spots! We have saved you the time, effort, and few bob by throwing this together for you at an excellent price.


    Kit includes:

    1 x PC Cox Skeleton Gun – a manual application, load the cartridge into the body and pump the trigger to create the power to push the sealant out. Standard design and lightweight yet sturdy construction have made this gun the industry standard for many years.

    2 x ARBO HM White 310ml – a one-part High Modulus Acetoxy Cure Silicone Sealant, which cures rapidly on exposure to moisture vapour to form a resilient elastic silicone rubber. This product contains a fungicide to make it resistant to fungus and mildew.

    1 x Bond It 4 Part Tool Kit – a handy kit for the smoothing and finishing of mastic sealants, both internally and externally, in hard to reach areas, such as behind bath taps and corner areas.


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