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  • P C COX Midiflow Combi Barrel Gun & Nozzle


    P C Cox Combi Barrel gun is the professional choice for sealant applicators; the durable build lends to the hardwearing ability of the sealant gun. Durable dispenser for low to medium viscosity sealants and adhesives. Smooth, ergonomic and hardwearing with a swivelling barrel. For use with conventional cartridges up to 400ml, or sachets / foils up to 600ml.

    The P C Cox Combi can also be converted to dispense liquid sealants such as Colpor with the P C Cox Nozzle Holder Assembly – the two-part assembly screws onto the cap of the Combi barrel gun to form a watertight seal.

    • For Light to Medium Duty Work
    • Ergonomic Handle & Trigger
    • Quick Pressure-Release Plate


  • Everbuild Power Pro Sealant Gun



    The Everbuild Power Pro Sealant Gun is the ultimate heavy duty sealant gun. Including an extra pull trigger, hook end and swivel action barrel for both 310ml and 400ml cartridges.


    For any further information, please visit the Everbuild website here.

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  • Soudal Sealant Remover 400ml



    Soudal’s Sealant Remover is a ready to use rapid spray, based on hydrocarbons for removing cured silicone and MS polymers.

    – Fast acting
    – Does not drip
    – Specifically for silicones and MS polymers


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  • CM Pyrostop 400ml



    CM Pyrostop – A one component, ready to use silicone elastomer intended for fire-stop sealing and bonding. A vital part of the FIRESTOP system of fire rated sealants.

    • CM Pyrostop – sound tested and has a 55Dba rating.



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  • PC Cox Pro Powerflow Caulking Gun



    PC Cox Pro Powerflow Caulking Gun is used by the sealant applicator professionals. This PC Cox gun handles cartridges up to 400ml.

    Professional quality with rotating frame thats specifically designed for thicker/dense materials where a stronger force is needed.

    • High quality epoxy coated cast aluminium handle
    • U-opening steel frame
    • Curved rod end
    • Switchable Pressure Relief Device (PRD)
    • Powerful and highly durable
    • For ease of cartridge insertion and removal
    • Creates convenient tool support and storage
    • Prevents material run-on
    • Gives you long worry free performance


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