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  • Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone 295ml



    Everbuild Pyro Mate Silicone is a neutral cure, elastic silicone sealant which conforms to the EN1366-4 standard for fire retardant and has a fire rating of up to 5 hours in specific joint configurations.


    – Neutral cure – Everbuild Pyro Mate adheres to most building surfaces, porous and non-porous.
    – Permanently flexible.
    – Excellent weathering characteristics. Therefore, it is suitable for internal and external use.
    – You can use product joints up to 50mm wide and 25mm deep.
    – No priming required for most construction substrates. However, for specific applications, priming may be advised.
    – Everbuild Pyro Mate is easy to tool off, unlike a lot of other fire rated sealants.
    – In addition, it has a long tooling time – 20-30 minutes.
    – This product will not slump


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