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  • Sika Sanisil Sanitary Silicone 300ml


    Sika Sanisil Sanitary Silicone is a permanently flexible, acetoxy curing, silicone-containing a powerful anti-fungal compound for long term resistance to mildew & fungus.



    – Long term fungus and mildew resistance
    – High elasticity and flexibility
    – Quick curing – low dirt pick up
    – Excellent UV and weathering resistance
    – Will not discolour on ageing even in damp/humid conditions
    – Solvent-free


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  • Dowsil 785 Clean Room Sanitary Silicone – Box of 12


    Dowsil 785 is a Clean Room Sanitary Silicone Sealant that protects against bacteria growth, E. coli & Salmonella. Making it ideal for use in clinical hygiene areas.  

    Gives excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces. DC 785 comes in 5 colours, clear and white being the most commonly used.

    It is a one-component sealant, resistant to mould growth, ideal for sealing around sanitary fittings to give a water-resistant, hygienic seal. It is the product of choice for use in critical hospital hygienic areas, such as operation theatres & clinical clean rooms, due to it being able to protect against a range of bacteria growth. Making this product ideal for professionals that are working in clean environments.

    Dowsil 785 Clean Room defends against bacteria growth, MRSA, E. coli and Salmonella. Contains a powerful fungicide to resist mould growth.

    • High Modulus HM (see Wikipedia for a brief explanation).
    • Mould resistant Sealant.
    • Acetoxy cure type.
    • 5 to 10 minutes of working time.
    • Fast cure tack free in one hour.
    • Ideal for use in hospitals & clean rooms as well as domestic dwellings & commercial premises.

    Another option for a like for like comparison would be Everbuild 565 Clean Room.

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  • Cromar Alpha Chem Multi Purpose & Sanitary Silicone 295ml


    Cromar Alpha Chem Multi-Purpose & Sanitary Silicone is a high performance, quick curing, acetoxy curing silicone for general sealing, sanitary and glazing applications. Provides a permanent watertight, flexible seal and offer excellent adhesion properties on most common non-porous building materials. Resistant to ageing, cracking, discolouring, many chemicals, cleaning agents and detergents. 


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  • Illbruck GS123 Sanitary Silicone



    Illbruck GS123 is a rapid curing, sanitary grade, acetoxy silicone sealant with excellent resistance to mould and mildew. Excellent for sealing areas with high levels of moisture.


    Key Benefits
    • Excellent for sealing areas with high levels of moisture
    • Can be sealed around all shower and bath types
    • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 11600 S 25HM
    • Superior mould resistance
    • Excellent tooling properties



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  • Dowsil C50 High Modulus Bath & Kitchen Silicone – Box of 12


    Dowsil C50 is a high modulus silicone sealant, suitable for all sanitary applications & is available in White or Clear.



    Surfaces are to be clean and dry, with no dust or dirt present on the joint. Any old sealant must be removed to avoid contamination and affect the adhesion.


    Priming the surface is not required so long as the area of application is nonporous. It is always recommended to do a small test before the complete application is started.
    For more advice, please see the tech data sheets attached or contact for technical assistance.


    If you require finishing or tooling off to the applied Dowsil C50, giving it a smooth and professional. This tooling must be done within 5 minutes. Any longer and the Dowsil C50 will have had time to skin and adhere to the substrate.


    The excess sealant may be cleaned off tools and non-porous surfaces while in an uncured state using a universal cleaner. If the sealant is misapplied to porous substrates, it should be left until just cured, and then removed by peeling or cutting from the area.

    Joint Size

    When applying the Dowsil C50, the minimum width should be 6mm.

    6mm to 12mm width – 6mm depth.

    12mm width – depth ratio of 2:1


    Please read the product and safety data sheets before use.

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  • Bond-It S3 Sanitary Sealant 310ml – Box of 25



    Bond-It S3 Sanitary Sealant is a one-part silicone sealant with excellent adhesion to ceramics, glass, melamine laminates and sanitary plastics.



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  • Cromar AlphaChem 808 Sanitary Silicone 300ml



    Cromar Sanitary Silicone 808 is a waterproof sealant with an added powerful anti-fungal additive to prevent unsightly mould growth. Specifically designed to work in areas of high humidity this high performing silicone has excellent adhesion to sanitary plastics, ceramics, glass, melamine laminates, anodised aluminium and lacquered metals.


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