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Bond-it WP70 Neutral Cure Oxime Silicone


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Weight : 8 kg

Colour : Anthracite, Black, Brown, Buff, Grey, Translucent, White, Rosewood, Toffee

Product Description:

Bond-it WP70 Neutral Cure Oxime Silicone is a one-component, professional-grade neutral oxime curing sealing compound.

Bond-it WP70 is a high quality, neutral cure silicone for perimeter sealing of internal and external door and window frames. Rapid curing with excellent adhesion properties and a higher gloss finish.

– Permanently elastic
– Weatherproof
– Non-fading
– Suitable for alkaline and metal surfaces
– Low odour
– Safe to use
– Contains additional uPVC adhesion promoters.


For sealing of wood, aluminium and PVCu door and window frames and for weather sealing and flexible jointing of infill panels.


Ensure all surfaces are dry and free from grease or any contaminants that may hinder adhesion. For best results on movement joints, Bond It EXPANDING FOAM is recommended as a backing material, or a suitable backing tape or rod.


All surfaces must be dry and dust and grease-free. Porous materials should be primed for optimum adhesion. Cut the tip of the cartridge, screw-on nozzle and cut at an angle of 45o. Apply at temperatures between +5o C and +45o C using a standard sealant gun. Tool the sealant using the appropriately shaped tooling aid – DO NOT USE A WETTED FINGER.


Not suitable for use with aquaria. Not suitable for use on bitumen or asphalt. Substrates like marble, sandstone and similar porous surfaces can show a discolouration around the sealant edges. Not suitable for bedding double glazed windows.

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