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Everbuild 825 – External Sealant


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Weight : 0.6 kg

Dimensions : 27 × 5 × 5 cm

Colour : Anthracite, Beige, Black, Brick Red, Brown, Buff, Dark Anthracite, Dark Grey, Limestone White, Magnolia, Mid Grey, Port Stone, White

Product Description:

Everbuild 825 is an LM (low modulus), odourless silicone with a neutral cure. Everbuild 825 adheres to a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces without the need for priming.


– Perimeter pointing internally and externally around uPVC /wood and aluminium.
– Sealing and as an adhesive onto uPVC, plastic trims and components.
– Can be used to seal soft metals, for example, lead, copper and zinc.
– Weather sealing and joint sealing to pre-formed panels and curtain walling, glazing sealing and draught proofing.
– Everbuild 825 can be used for glass to glass and glass to aluminium sealing. Parapet and roof weather sealing applications.
– Suitable as an expansion joint sealant.
– Bedding and sealing of Insulated Glass units.


– Slow skinning time gives excellent tooling properties. Therefore, it is ideal for large scale construction and glazing applications.
– Has excellent adhesion – adheres to most common surfaces. For instance, glass, metals, plastics and wood (painted or unpainted), uPVC and polycarbonate.
– External weathering properties offering guarantees for many years worth of exposure.
– High viscosity non-slump formula. In other words, it will hold it’s structure & body on even larger joints.
– Resistant to fumed Hydrogen Peroxide and fumed Formaldehyde.



Everbuild 825 does not require a primer on most common surfaces, although adhesion tests are recommended before full-scale application. However, if the joint is likely to be immersed or if adhesion is weak (especially on porous surfaces) use Everbuild P1 Primer. To improve adhesion (if required) to non-porous surfaces, prime with Everbuild NP2 Primer (advised for aluminium).


Areas that require application must be clean and dust free. For instance, remove dirt with compressed air or de-grease by using a solvent soaked pad, following by wiping with a clean cloth.


– Not to be used in combination with bitumen asphalt, neoprene and specific organic elastomers, please check the technical data sheet.
– Can not be used in the manufacture of Aquariums or any submerged areas.
– Not to be used on substrates that bleed oil, solvents or plasticisers, please refer to the technical data sheet.
– Non-overpaintable.
– Not recommended for use as a mirror adhesive.
– Not for food grade applications – Use Silicone 565
– Chance of yellowing if in contact with bleach or HCl based brick cleaners, while curing.

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