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CM Bath & Kitchen HM


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Weight : .5 kg

Colour : Anthracite, Beige, Black, Brown, Caramel, Grey, Jasmine, Magnolia, Off White, White, Aluminium, Cement Grey, Chocolate, Manhattan, Medium Grey, Silver Grey, Transparent

Product Description:


CM Bath & Kitchen is a high modulus silicone sealant that cures rapidly once exposed to natural humidity. Once cured, CM Bath & Kitchens forms to create a permanently flexible, durable sealant which is ideal for use within bathroom and kitchen environments.

CM Bath & Kitchen is also suitable for use in a range of temperature environments, weathering extremely well and providing a reliable seal in joints. CM Bath & Kitchen is a premium silicone sealant product available in a range of colours, used for exceptional finishes.

CM Bath & Kitchen meets the standards to BS5889 (1989) Type B and US Fed Spec TTS 001543A (Class A) and TTS 00230C (Class A) and ISO 11600 F&G -25HM 846 food safe.


The uses of CM Bath & Kitchen are but not restricted to the below:

  • Joints in baths and showers
  • General kitchen areas
  • Food prep areas
  • Laboratories
  • High hygiene areas
  • Construction Joints
  • Swimming pools
  • Glass, ceramic or painted surfaces


Before the application the required area must be cleaned, dust free, contaminate free, and no loose objects are present. If you wish to prime before use, standard primer is advised. If you are re-sealing joints, it is advised that every bit of old sealant is removed to ensure that the joint is contaminant free.

To apply, cut off the top of the cartridge, ensuring it is above the nozzle thread, proceed to screw the nozzle and snipping the top of the nozzle to required joint size at a 45-degree angle. Apply the sealant by gun – place the nozzle angle flush to the joint and extrude a continuous bead. For a neat finish, use a sealant applicator tool kit.