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  • MAPESIL AC – Internal Silicone Sealants – All Colours



    MAPESIL AC is a high quality, mould resistant sealant, which is ideal for internal use but can also be used in external applications. The product comes in a 310ml cartridge & has a range of 42 colours to choose from. Mapei also colour match this product to their Ultracolor plus grout range, creating a seamless transition between grout & silicone lines when used together.

    To view the Ultracolor plus range – please click here.


    – Mapesil AC should not be used in applications between joints of ceramic tiles & natural stone of light colour externally. Use Mapesil LM, which can be viewed here.
    – Should not be used for sealing of surfaces sensitive to acids, such as limestone. Again, use Mapesil LM.
    – Do not use on bituminous surfaces or highly plasticized material.
    – Mapesil AC’s chemical resistance to agents is typically excellent. However, we advise you to check the technical data sheet or do a small test.


    We have a number of tools on our website that would assist with the application of this product. We would recommend using a PC Cox Skeleton Gun to apply & a Bond-it Tooling Kit to aid in providing a professional finish.

    For further information, please visit the Mapei website here.

  • CM Stonesil 380ml



    CM Stonesil is an elastic single-component silicone sealant for indoor and outdoor use, with up to 50% movement tolerance.

    • Low modulus non-staining sealant with anti-fungal properties.
    • Fast cure rate.
    • Outstanding UV, weather, and ageing resistance.
    • Adhesion to numerous substrates, such as granite, composite stones, ceramic tiles, brickwork, metals, plastics also compatible with copper.
    • Low modulus (conforms to ISO 11600 F&G 25 LM).
    • Movement capability up to 50% (ASTM C920 class 50).
    • Non-staining (ISO 16938-1, ASTM C 1248).


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    For more information on CM sealants, you can visit their website here.


  • Mapei UltraColor Plus Grout 5KG


    Ultracolor Plus forms a mortar with the following characteristics:

    – water-repellent and droplet-effect
    – colours resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents
    – ready for light foot traffic after a short period of time
    – After that is shrinkage compensated, therefore free from cracks

    Therefore it has optimum resistance to abrasion, compression and flexural strength, even after freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore optimum durability. In addition, it has good resistance to acids with pH > 3.


    Matching silicone available here. Alternatively, if you are looking at revving your current grout, we offer the Mapei Fuga Fresca, ideal for dulling grout to be brought back to life.

    For more information on this product, visit the Mapei website here.

  • Dowsil 791 – Weatherproof Low Mod Silicone 310ml



    Dowsil 791 or DC 791 is a low modulus, neutral cure, alkoxy, odourless silicone sealant. It is specifically designed for the weather sealing of building components where high movement is anticipated. Dowsil 791 adheres to a wide range of both porous and non-porous surfaces without the need for priming.


    – Excellent tooling and slow skinning properties. Therefore, it is ideal for large scale construction and glazing applications.
    – Has excellent adhesion – adheres to most common surfaces. For instance, glass, metals, plastics and wood (painted or unpainted), uPVC and polycarbonate.
    – Excellent external weathering properties, therefore, can be guaranteed over many years worth of exposure.
    – High viscosity non-slump formula. In other words, it will hold it’s structure & body on even larger joints.
    – Resistant to fumed Hydrogen Peroxide and fumed Formaldehyde.


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    This item is currently experiencing a 4-5 week lead time

  • Bond-It Steri-Grout Wall & Floor Tile Grout 3kg – Box of 5



    Steri-Grout is a specially formulated, polymer modified cement based floor and wall tile grout. Recommended for sanitary installations ie. kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms. Containing a strong fungicide it will also inhibit black spot mould growth.


    For application guns for this product, please click here. For all other Bond-it products on our website, please click here.

    For any further information you may need on Bond-it, please visit their website here.

  • Mapei Keracolor Flex 5kg



    Keracolor Flex is an improved, cementitious grout with water repellent properties and high abrasion resistance.

    Keracolor Flex is a blend of specially selected hydraulic binders with fine graded aggregates, polymers, additives and colourants. High-quality hydrophobic additives enhance the grout’s technical performance imparting water repellent properties to the surface. This reduces dirt pickup and increases the grout’s durability and longevity.

    When mixed and applied correctly to the joints, the following properties are obtained:
    • water repellent surfaces;
    • joint widths from 1-6mm
    • good compressive & flexural strengths
    • good resistance to freeze & thaw cycles
    • gently textured surface with a low water absorption
    • excellent abrasion resistance
    • good resistance to thermal change and vibration
    • can be used on heated floors
    • for use on tiled finishes over wooden substrates
    • resistance to oils, solvents & alkaline cleaning materials

    Keracolor Flex can be mixed with Mapei’s Fugolastic to further improve the grout’s performance. This high-quality polymer additive can effectively enhance the characteristics of the grout when used on balconies and facades, which can face harsh weather conditions. This also makes it ideal for leisure pools with wave machines or in external locations. For further information, refer to
    the Fugolastic technical datasheet.

    Note: when adding Fugolastic, the grout may appear darker than when mixed with water.



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    For more information on Mapei, you can visit their website here.

  • ARBO Arbosil XL1099 380ml – Box of 25



    Arbosil XL1099 is a non-staining, one part LM, neutral cure, sealant that cures on exposure to moisture vapour, to form an elastic rubber silicone.


    • Joints in Natural Stone NB – It is strongly recommended that Arbosil XL1099 is tested against the stone before application.



    For more information on Arbo, please visit their website here.

    For more in our range of sealants, please click here. For application guns to use with this product, please click here.

  • Mapesil LM – Box of 12


    Mapesil LM is a low-modulus, solvent-free sealant, formulated for sealing all materials that are sensitive to acids and plasticizing agents, marble, granite, sandstone and quartz. Due to the chemical nature, which deters surface bleeding or the migration of plasticizing agents which would stain the surface.

    The characteristics of the product also make it suitable for particularly delicate substrates, such as cellular concrete, brickwork and varnished or enamelled wood.

    It is also ideal for contact with absorbent mineral surfaces such as concrete, renders and fibre-cement.

    Performs well in treated water typically found in swimming pools.


    Mapesil LM is a solvent-free, one-component, neutral-cure silicone sealant which does not emit unpleasant odours, available in the form of a thixotropic paste. The product will remain flexible from a temperature range of between -40°C and +150°C. Mapesil LM delays the formation of surface mould. Mapesil LM offers good resistance to chemical agents. However, because of the wide range of products and service conditions, if in doubt carry out preliminary tests beforehand.

    Mapesil LM bonds perfectly to most types of substrate used in the building industry without applying a primer beforehand (glass, ceramic, marble, aluminium, zinc-plated sheet metal, concrete, stainless steel and PVC).

    If in doubt, please contact the MAPEI Technical Services Department or carry out preliminary tests beforehand. Mapesil LM is suitable for substrates sensitive to acids, whereas conventional neutral or acid sealants normally provoke changes in colour or staining of the substrate.



    For optimum application, use with a PC Cox Easiflow Skeleton Mastic Applicator Gun, and finish with the Bond It Professional 4 Part Sealant Applicator Tool Kit for a smooth neat finish.

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    For any further information on Mapei products, please visit their website here.


  • The Kitchen & Bathroom Kit



    The Kitchen & Bathroom Kit

    Your hassle free solution to sealing your room to perfection.

    Containing 5 essential tools, this kit will take you from start to finish to ensure the most efficient job is done, all at a great price!

    Each kit includes:

    Everbuild Sealant Strip-Out Tool – A unique patented tool that works on any sealant and is the ideal partner for use before applying Forever White silicone sealant. The Strip-Out Tool is incredibly simple, and its design and shape provide a speedy way to strip all types of sealant out of any 90° angle joint.

    Bond-It Snip Off Cartridge Cutter – Ideal for anyone using silicone sealants that needs to take the nipple off to use the cartridge. The cutter itself gives you plenty of protection when using, making it a lot safer and easier to use over a blade. You can use it to cut the nozzles to the correct angle of application in a very safe and easy action, and the blades are designed to be replaced.

    2 x Mapei Mapesil AC – A high quality, mould resistant sealant, which is ideal for internal use but can also be used in external applications. Available in 40 colours meaning there will be a shade for every job!

    PC Cox Easiflow Skeleton Applicator Gun (colours may vary) – Used by the sealant applicator professionals, and due to its low cost and robust build, it is ideal for anyone thinking about doing DIY. The PC Cox gun handles cartridges up to 400ml. Its standard design and lightweight yet sturdy construction, have made this gun the industry standard for many years.

    Bont-It 4 Part Sealant Applicator Kit – A durable and handy kit for use with a range of mastic sealants. Suitable for smoothing and finishing, both internally and externally, in hard to reach areas, such as behind bath taps and corner areas. This sealant applicator kit can also be used to create recessed joints, perfectly flush joints and tidy fillet sealant joints with any type of mastic sealant.




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