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CM SFS Stain Free Silicone


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Weight : .7 kg

Colour : Anthracite, Black, Buff, Grey, Off White, White, Bronze, Portland, Teak, Terracotta

Product Description:

CM SFS Stain Free Silicone is a moisture-cured one-component neutral silicone sealant used mainly for building and glazing joints. With it moisture cure allowing it to cure at room temperature, producing a flexible seal. CM SFS Stain Free Silicone adheres to most common building surfaces without the need for primer. Fully cured movement capability of -/+50%.

Typical Uses

CM SFS is designed for jointing or bonding in building and glazing applications such as:

  • Precast panels and curtain wall expansion joints.
  • Windows or doors perimeter joints
  • Aluminium, wood, UPVC glazing joints.
  • Roofs and chimney joints.
  • Venting or gutter joints
  • Bonding mirrors
  • Kingspan panels

Limits of Use

  • CM SFS is not recommended for use on materials where migration of constituents can take place, e.g. certain rubbers.
  • Not be used for jointing aquariums or swimming pools. Not ideal for permanent immersion.
  • CM SFS, once cured, should not be painted (poor coverage and adhesion of paint).
  • CM SFS is not recommended where abrasion or physical abuse will be encountered.
  • CM SFS must not be used for food contact.
  • When in contact with alkyd paints a slight yellowing can appear on the surroundings of the joint.


Please see the attached datasheet for more information on CM SFS Stain Free Silicone.