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Bond-It Pro-Mate LMA Glazing Silicone – Box of 25


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Weight : 12 kg

Colour : Translucent, White

Product Description:

Bond-It Pro-Mate LMA Glazing Silicone is a low modulus, silicone sealant. Ideal for exterior and interior applications where the joint movement does not exceed 20%


Bond-It Pro-Mate is suitable for sealing around doors and windows and for general building maintenance.
It is ideal for use on:
– Glass to glass
– Aluminium to glass
– Glass
– Ceramics
– Most common building materials.


Before application, ensure all substrates are clean and free from grease or any contaminants that could prevent the product from achieving required adhesion.


Apply using a standard-sized sealant gun. Cut the tip from the cartridge with a sharp Stanley blade, making sure not to damage the thread. Cut the nozzle at an angle and fix to the cartridge. Using the gun, apply the sealant to the joint, making sure to achieve the required depth for the joint size. This ensures the sealant will perform at it’s best once cured. Tool off using a spatula or a piece of smooth wood dampened with a soapy water solution.


Not suitable for use on un-primed metals, types of cement or concrete. In areas subject to fungal or mould growth Bond It, MULTI-MATE silicone should be applied. Joints in which water generates pressure through the substrates on the sealant bond require remedial work before application.

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