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  • Sika Sikaseal 626 Fire Board – Pallet



    SikaSeal 626 Fire Board is a mineral, wool based, protection board, coated on both sides with the fire resistant, ablative coating Sikacryl-625 Fire. It’s versatility allows it to be compatible with many other Sika passive fire protection products, therefore allowing it to be used to seal a wide range of installation service penetrations.

    Sikaseal 626 Characteristics

    • Restores the fire resistance performance of floors and/or walls, which incorporate single and multiple installation service penetrations 
    • Can be combined with Sikacryl-621 Fire, SikaSeal- 623 Fire, Sikacryl-624 Fire, SikaSeal-627 Fire Collar, SikaSeal-628 Fire Wrap and SikaSeal-629 Fire Wrap

    32 units to a pallet

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